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NEMA publishes Siting Transmission Corridors

September 30, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

”Everyone wants to harness the energy from wind, sun, earth, and tides, but moving it can be problematic,” said NEMA president and CEO, Evan R. Gaddis.

In an effort to focus attention on the problems of approving electrical
power transmission corridors, the National Electrical Manufacturers
Association (NEMA) published “Siting Transmission Corridors”, a roadmap
that explores the intricacies of the administrative processes involved
in connecting renewable energy sources to the electrical grid.

“The real life challenge of ‘Siting Transmission Corridors’ can take
years of skillful navigation with millions of dollars on the line,” said
Gaddis, adding it lays bare the massiveness of the effort to attain
energy independence.

While energy entrepreneurs, transmission developers, public utilities,
legislatures and regulators often differ on siting specifics, they agree
that load growth, construction permits, wildlife protection, property
rights, and other concerns must be addressed before lines can be built.


“Siting Transmission Corridors” charts the bureaucratic maze involved in
navigating Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other
government regulations, environmental considerations, court challenges
and the impacts of physical construction.

“NEMA is a strong proponent of a national siting policy and supports
legislation that designates FERC as the lead agency for conducting
environmental reviews. A clear nationwide transmission line siting
process would streamline current practices, facilitate construction,
create domestic jobs, and expedite transmission corridors necessary for
delivering clean and renewable energy,” Gaddis said.

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