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Nova Scotia incorporates new electrical contractor association

February 28, 2009
By Anthony Capkun

The word is officially out: on August 1, 2008, the Province of Nova Scotia incorporated the Nova Scotia Electrical Contractors Association (NSECA), a new group that aims to act as the voice of both non-union and union electrical contractors in the province.


all the issues facing electrical contracting professionals—including
contractor licensing—there’s never been a greater need for an
association of electrical contractors for
electrical contractors to stand up for our interests and concerns,”
said Colin Campbell, president of NSECA, and owner of the electrical
contracting firm CM Campbell Electric Limited.

To get the association up and running, NSECA has called a General Meeting at noon, March 26, at Eddy Supply, Bayers Lake Industrial Park (31 Oland Crescent in Halifax), where common interests and goals will be discussed, followed by work on a strategic plan.

of our peers in other provinces—British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick—already
belong to established electrical contractor associations,” notes
Campbell, adding. “It’s time Nova Scotia’s electrical contractors also
made their voices heard and, to do that, we need to speak with a united voice! I invite and encourage every electrical contractor in Nova Scotia—regardless of size—to attend and become members.”

industry professionals, such as distributors, suppliers, inspectors,
etc., are also encouraged to participate in NSECA’s activities.


Objectives of the Nova Scotia Electrical Contractors Association (NSECA)

• To act as the voice of electrical contractors in the Province of Nova Scotia.

To make representation to lobby for improvement and combat erosion with
respect to legislation regarding the electrical contracting industry.

• To encourage, support and promote the advancement of all aspects of the electrical contracting industry.

• To unite the members of the association for their mutual improvement, protection and general welfare.

To promote honest and ethical respect between the members, owners,
architects, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, other contractors and
other segments of the electrical contracting industry.

• To acquire, compile and distribute all information useful to, and concerning, the electrical contracting industry.

To provide a forum whereby members may exchange thoughts, ideas and
coordinate their efforts on all matters pertaining to the electrical
contracting industry.

• To promote and foster the training of apprentices in the industry.

To exchange information and opinions with the legislature and
departments of government and other agencies, such as the Canadian
Electrical Code, concerning the electrical contracting industry within
the scope of the association, and to carry on negotiations leading to
solutions with the agency concerned.

To affiliate with associations, societies and organizations, including
the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA), having
objectives—in whole or in part—similar to those of NSECA.

• To promote and protect the objectives of its members.

E-mail campbellc@eastlink.ca for more information.

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1 Comment » for Nova Scotia incorporates new electrical contractor association
  1. Michel says:

    Hello, I’m a self employed journeyman electrician in Pictou County. One of my biggest challenges working for myself is competing against the black market.
    I play by the rules but it is frustrating competing against the black market.
    No one in government seems to care that many small electrical contractors are struggling to survive when government and NOVA SCOTIA POWER can do much to clean up this wild west industry.
    It’s very simple on how to clean the industry.
    1. In order to pull a permit you should be a registered business.
    2. Must have a tax number.
    3. Must have worker’s compensation.
    4. Must have COR (Optional)
    If NOVA SCOTIA POWER is not on board with cleaning the industry than the provincial government has the power to force NOVA SCOTIA POWER to make changes to clean the industry.
    The provincial government has a responsibility to serve and protect it’s citizens which it is not doing with the electrical industry.

    If there is anything I could do to lobby government or help out to clean the electrical industry than please let me know.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

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