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“Off”-Sprey protects birds and utility poles

February 23, 2016 | By Renée Francoeur

Photos courtesy Jeff Nichols.

February 23, 2016 – It’s a well known fact ospreys build their nests often on top of utility poles and other places, sometimes damaging the structures, causing fire hazards, and injuring or killing the birds. Mike Nichols, an American utility worker, says he has come up with a patent-pending solution: “Off”-Sprey, a raptor deterrent to keep the ospreys from being able to sit directly on top of the poles and build their nests.

“In my workshop at home, I came up with the design and my utility has had great results from its use,” Nichols said. “The device can be used virtually on all types of construction standards and can be easily and quickly installed. It is made of dielectric materials and poses no potential harm to the osprey or the environment.”

Generally the osprey will drop the material for the nest while hovering above the site, Nichols said, and then land to place it. Long, flexible tubing—the arms of the device—make this difficult and the birds are then usually deflected away to find a more suitable site, Nichols added. It also prevents the birds from getting too close to live electrical wires.

Originally designed for the tops of electrical poles and structures, Nichols said “Off”-Sprey—which retails for about $200 US—can be modified for other applications and situations, too.


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