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Ontario’s ESA directs LDCs to replace certain Sensus smart meters

January 22, 2015 | By Anthony Capkun

January 22, 2015 – Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has directed the province’s local distribution companies (LDCs) to replace and discontinue use of about 5400 Sensus iConA Generation 3.2 remote disconnect meters (usually referred to as the Sensus 3.2 with remote disconnect).

“Although there were no serious incidents reported in Ontario involving these meters, when we learned of the events in Saskatchewan, we undertook a due diligence safety review to determine if there were any implications for Ontario,” said David Collie, ESA’s president and CEO.

The agency has concluded this model is susceptible to a specific type of failure: arcing within the components when water/moisture and other contaminants get into the meter.

ESA’s bulletin does not apply to the Sensus 3.2 meter without the remote disconnect feature, which has a different component design and, therefore, is not susceptible to the same type of failure.


While there have been no serious safety events reported in Ontario with the Sensus 3.2 with remote disconnect meters, ESA is directing LDCs to remove these meters from service no later than March 31, 2015, as a preventive step.

Homeowners and business owners are reminded they should never attempt to remove, touch or alter a meter. Only personnel authorized by an LDC should remove or change meters.

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