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OPA wants you to take The Power Pledge

April 13, 2010
By Anthony Capkun

In a letter to Electrical Business, Colin Andersen (the CEO of Ontario Power Authority [OPA]) writes: “I’m pleased to announce the launch today of the Power Authority’s five-month conservation awareness campaign: The Power Pledge”.

He explains The Power Pledge is built on the foundation of six “simple,
meaningful and
measurable conservation actions” that enable all Ontarians to save money
and help the environment. “First and foremost of these actions is the
fight against phantom power—the power that’s wasted by some home
electronics and appliances even when they are turned off. Phantom power
accounts for as much as 15% of an average household’s electricity use!”

OPA has also engaged Air Miles My Planet to provide rewards to every
Ontarian who takes the Pledge. Pledgers earn 20 Air Miles reward miles
and have the opportunity to direct a further donation of 10 reward miles
to a participating charity of their choice.

During Earth Week, the Power Pledge Community Challenge officially gets
under way. “As with last year’s successful community challenge, Ontario
municipalities, local distribution companies and chambers of commerce
will collaborate to drive The Power Pledge and win bragging rights as
one of Ontario’s most conservation-conscious communities.”


The Power Pledge website features a ‘ticker’ that records every pledge
in real time and measures Ontarians’ commitment in kWh and dollars
saved, and greenhouse gases avoided. “I find it tremendously satisfying
to see this very real expression of our collective efforts,” concludes

CLICK HERE to take The Power Pledge.

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