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Opportunities in electrified transport – EBPowerCon 2021

June 11, 2021 – As we continue the push toward decarbonizing our society, our focus naturally falls on electrifying Canada’s transportation sector. But the opportunities for electrical professionals in this sector go well beyond the electric vehicle charger in someone’s garage.

We are joined by Stephen Koskoletos, B.Eng., Manager, EV Charging Infrastructure, ABB Canada, to talk about the explosion of opportunities available as we electrify—not just our transportation networks—but ALL our vehicles.

The EBPowerCon Cybershow & Expo was launched by the team at Electrical Business Magazine for Canada’s professional electrical community—contractors, engineers, maintenance, and related stakeholders—with the goal of shedding light on trends and technologies so as to empower them with knowledge and insight into markets and opportunities. Visit EBPowerCon.ca.


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