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Ortronics self-terminating Cat 6A FTP workstation jacks

February 16, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

16 February 2010

Legrand Ortronics introduced a self-terminating Cat 6A FTP/shielded cable jack for workstation applications that boasts a tool-less termination process to reduce installation time. An “installer-friendly” wire lacing feature includes a wiring diagram, maintains pair geometry and limits the untwisting of pairs. Closing the jack housing fully seats the lacing cap onto the jack insulation displacement contacts (IDCs), terminating all four cable pairs simultaneously. The die-cast metal construction creates an integral shield that provides 360º coverage, while a supplied cable clamp provides a reliable shield/ground wire connection. These shielded keystone jacks mount into all TechChoice faceplates, frames and bezels.



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