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Osram LED world record?

September 8, 2008 | By Anthony Capkun

Citing improvements in all of the technologies involved in the manufacture of LEDs, Osram development engineers have achieved new records for the brightness and efficiency of white LEDs… albeit in the laboratory.

standard conditions with an operating current of 350mA, brightness
peaked at a value of 155 lm and efficacy at 136 lm/W. In generating
these results, researchers used white prototype LEDs with square chips.
The light produced had a colour temperature of 5000K.

“The key
to success was the efficient interplay between all the advances made in
materials and technologies,” reads the press release. “A perfectly
matched system of optimized chip technology, a highly advanced and
extremely efficient light converter and a special high-performance
package combined to produce the world records: 155 lm for brightness
and 136 lm/W for efficacy.”

Osram has applied for patents for the technologies lie behind these performance levels.


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