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Osram Sylvania D6 area light LED retrofit kit

October 9, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Osram Sylvania offers its second-generation D6 area light LED retrofit kit for outdoor area lighting. The D6 replaces up to 175W HID lamps in street and area lighting fixtures, consuming only 55W of power. Taking advantage of the directional nature of LEDs, this system uses high-power LEDs to deliver either 5000K or 5700K white light where it’s needed, thereby minimizing light trespass. With both Type III and Type V distributions and 50,000-hour life (L70), the kit is designed to fit within most existing area lighting fixtures. It is suitable for most applications up to a 30-ft mounting height. Applications include city streets, college campuses, industrial parks, parking lots, etc.


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  1. Kyle E. Barton says:

    Can we purchase these kits?

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