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PowerStream recognizes Provident Energy Management as a CDM Champion

January 7, 2013
By Alyssa Dalton

January 7, 2013 – Provident Energy Management, an energy services provider, has been recognized by PowerStream as a Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Champion for utilizing the saveONenergy conservation programs as a key part of the company’s business development strategy.

“Working with clients to optimize and reduce their energy bills is the focus of Provident Energy Management personnel. Employees are committed to delivering to their clients a quick return on investment with ongoing long- term savings and benefits,” said the company.

PowerStream is proud to recognize progressive organizations who understand responsible business growth goes hand-in-hand with being energy mindful,” said Frank Scarpitti, chair of PowerStream. “By better managing electricity consumption, you can save money and improve your bottom line.”

Although Provident Energy Management offers various energy solutions to its customers, it was specifically acknowledged for its energy retrofit services for existing buildings, which include supply and installation of building automation systems, variable frequency drives, and lighting and motion sensors.


Each month, PowerStream will be profiling different contractors, consultants, distributors and manufactures who have delivered results through the saveONenergy Retrofit program. PowerStream congratulates these CDM champions for “understanding that saving energy and growing a business can be a winning combination”.

“It’s important to remember that electricity costs are going to continue to rise. Delaying your retrofit job and hanging onto older energy-inefficient equipment will end up costing more down the road,” said Jason F. Schembri, technical sales rep at Provident Energy Management. “Provident Energy Management’s best advice is to be proactive in making your retrofit investment decision, make sure you ask lots of questions and be confident in your decision.”

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