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PRODUCT RECALL: CO and CO/smoke alarms

July 19, 2008 | By Anthony Capkun

Maple Chase Co. has announced a voluntary recall of the Firex-branded 10000 series CO alarms and 12000 series smoke/CO combo alarms sold in Canada with the item numbers 12000C and 12400C. Manufactured in Mexico, the alarms may go into a “double chirp” fault mode in the presence of CO prior to the unit going into full alarm mode. This early fault is a safety hazard because a consumer may take the alarm out of service once he determines that pressing the Reset button does not correct the fault.

recall applies to units manufactured between June 1, 2007, and February
1, 2008, and there are about 36,000 units across Canada. Affected units
can be identified by the date code, which appears on the back of the
unit. Contact Maple Chase to receive a free comparable replacement
alarm and make arrangements to return affected alarms.
CLICK HERE or call (888) 879-3906.


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