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July 13, 2010Panasonic Canada introduced a series of H.264 network cameras that support multiple video streams and employ i-Pro SmartHD features in low light levels. These features include facial enhancement to assist in isolating a clear image capture of faces detected. The new units feature high-definition picture quality, says Panasonic, employing UniPhier LSI processor, bandwidth and energy efficiency, as well as simple installation, set-up and operation. The line of cameras also offers day/night operation, high sensitivity with automatic calibration for detailed imaging, and progressive scan to ensure clear images without motion blur and no tearing. The new cameras support multiple video streams (H.264/MPEG-4/JPEG) and PoE (IEEE 802.3af). Additional features of both new camera series include two-way audio, analogue video output and support for the IPv4/IPv6 network protocol. The cameras include the WV-SP300, WV-SP306, WV-SP305, WV-SP302 and WV-SF336.PANASONIC CANADA INC.
July 13, 2010Honeywell introduced IdentIPoint, an IP-based access control system “that shifts system intelligence to the card reader using smartcard technology,” says the release. It “eliminates” the need for centralized access controllers and allows decisions to be made between the smartcard and the card reader. The smartcard contains the cardholder’s credentials such as access rights, permissions and biometric template (if applicable). When the smartcard is present to the IdentIPoint card reader, the transaction is logged through Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator. It uses a microprocessor to write information and includes these additional features:- Security threat level management software- Support for Power over Ethernet- Support for WiFi 802.11 connectivity- 128-bit encryption using the Advanced Encryption Standard- Auto-discovery tools and wireless handheld device support- Several card reader models (Basic, Standard and Fingerprint)HONEYWELL
Redwood Systems launched what it deems the first network-based technology for LED lighting and building performance systems. Redwood’s vision is to use LED lighting’s low-voltage to power, not just lighting, but create a digital network to manage and optimize lighting, HVAC plug loads, window shading, and more. “Using a network-based platform approach, we will deliver smart lighting systems that revolutionize how lights—and buildings—are powered, controlled and optimized,” said Dave Leonard, CEO.REDWOOD SYSTEMS
April 25, 2010The ZigBee Alliance—a “global ecosystem of companies creating wireless solutions for use in energy management, residential, commercial and consumer electronics applications”—has completed development of Telecom Services—a public application profile standard defining value-added services for mobile network operators, businesses and governments.
7 March 2010Echoflex Solutions introduced the EEK200C evaluation kit to provide quick and straightforward evaluation of EnOcean radio and energy harvesting technologies. For $149, system integrators can explore how batteryless and wireless controls enable building automation system integration. Encapsulated in the kit are tools for fully integrated systems: energy generation; energy conditioning and storage; sensor power balance; low power timers; and a microprocessor for OEM custom development.CLICK HERE for ENOCEAN VIDEOECHOFLEX SOLUTIONSENOCEAN
WattStopper has unveiled four new multi-way wall switch occupancy sensors for lighting control in commercial spaces with more than one entrance or switch location. The sensors provide full-function, multi-way control and install using traditional three- and four-way wiring. The product offering includes what WattStopper claims is the industry’s first dual-relay, multi-way occupancy sensors, facilitating economical control of bi-level lighting or multiple loads. Multi-way sensors are available in passive infrared (PIR) and WattStopper’s patented dual-technology models. The new offerings include the PW-103N single-relay PIR sensor with selectable LED nightlight with three colour options; PW-200 dual-relay PIR sensor; DW-103 single-relay, dual-technology sensor; and DW-203 dual-relay/technology sensor.WATTSTOPPER
25 January 2010Chloride North America suggests the use of its Environment Sensor accessory module to make BMS (building monitoring system) -style device monitoring affordable at smaller, remote sites. The sensor adds-on to any Chloride UPS system fitted with company’s ManageUPS NET adapter (an SNMP/WEB card with event logging, network server shutdown and other features). The environmental sensor continuously monitors ambient temperature and relative humidity levels in UPS rooms, communications closets or IT racks. However, since each sensor can also read status of volt-free contacts—and multiple sensors can be deployed up to 300-ft away from the ManageUPS NET adapter—the Chloride UPS mgmt system can bring BMS-like remote monitoring capabilities to any device that communicates status via standard volt-free (‘dry’) relay contact points.CLICK HERE for Chloride.
WattStopper’s RT-200 astronomical time switch is user programmable; it turns lights or other electrical loads On/Off relative to dusk or dawn, or at selected times of day. This is such switch produced by WattStopper, and was developed to give homeowners a wider range of lighting control options. It includes a bright organic LED (OLED) display, hidden programming buttons and a large On/Off control button. It can be programmed with up to eight control schedules to activate lighting at different times on one or more days of the week. After entering the local time, date, latitude and longitude, users navigate through simple menus to establish control schedules.WATTSTOPPER
Cooper Power Systems introduced an in-home, peak load indicator; the wall outlet-sized, plug-in indicator—developed in cooperation with Delaware Electric Cooperative—employs coloured LEDs to notify customers when a peak power use period is approaching or underway. Consumers can then choose to reduce consumption. Using Cooper’s own Yukon Advanced Energy Services Platform, the in-home indicator receives hourly signals from the utility to confirm continuous communication.COOPER POWER SYSTEMS
22 January 2010Risco Group USA, a provider of integrated security systems, introduced the Industrial LuNAR addressable dual-technology ceiling-mount intrusion detector. Combining detection accuracy with false alarm immunity, the detector can be installed up to 28-ft high and boasts anti-cloak technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts. The unit incorporates three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels for customized coverage, along with a microwave channel. Intelligent digital signal processing adjusts alarm threshold and pulse count verification to accommodate actual intruder behaviour and environmental factors. The coverage area is 360 degrees, emanating in a cone-shaped pattern from the detector mounted in a ceiling to a 60-ft diameter, and lens positions are adjustable according to installation height.CLICK HERE for Risco Group.
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