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Leviton launched what it calls the industry’s first slide dimmer specifically designed for use with a variety of dimmable CFL bulbs. When in Auto mode, the Decora dimmer detects whether the bulb is an incandescent or dimmable CFL, determines high- and low-end dimming capabilities, and adjusts the dimming range accordingly. According to Leviton, this slide dimmer addresses consumer concerns over flickering, inability to turn the light On, and so forth. (Appears EBMag April 2010, Products)LEVITON
BetaLED—a division of Ruud Lighting Inc.—introduced the 304 Series luminaires, BetaLED’s first luminaire to achieve over 100 lumens per watt (LPW). The luminaires are scalable up to 12,000 lumens of delivered light output; the series achieves superior efficiency, longevity, lumen maintenance and light control while reducing energy use. By employing a two-level dimming option, the luminaires save even more energy. The luminaires can be installed in single- or double-skin open-air petroleum station canopies and building soffits such as banks and quick serve restaurants. Other optics with the new technology upgrade will be available soon for additional applications, such as parking structures. (Appears EBMag April 2010, Products)BETALED
HAI’s 500W CFL switch (35A00-1CFL) controls dimmable CFLs (twist bulbs, specifically), providing the equivalent of 1500 watts of incandescent brightness. The switch also has a minimum brightness setting to prevent the bulb from flickering. It has an auto-off feature that can be set up using UpStart Software (free HAI download). The LED will blink when the switch is timing out; additionally, the switch can be made into a non-dimming switch from the paddle itself. The product is expected to ship in the second quarter, 2010.HAI
Foster offers a dimmable LED power supply with patented short circuit and overload protection that, it claims, is easy to install and use, and works with many household dimmer switches. It is suitable for commercial, industrial and institutional uses, as well as individuals wishing to control the output of their architectural LED lighting. Encapsulated in epoxy and housed in a 304 stainless steel enclosure, this power supply is virtually impervious, says Foster, to dirt, moisture and corrosive elements. The product accepts multiple input voltages, including 120V, 240V and 277V, 50/60 Hz, with output configurable for 12vDC or 24vDC up to 60W.FOSTER TRANSFORMER
Zumtobel has launched a dedicated LED product website, which introduces the company-developed and -manufactured Genius, ATM and Smooth technologies, and provides information on LED products such as Basys, Slotlight, 2Light Mini and Careena.ZUMTOBEL LIGHTING
Renaissance Lighting launched a redesigned website with, says the company, improved navigation and features to improve and enhance the customer experience. Enhancements include more in-depth product information and photography, an installation showcase and case studies section, plus a full manufacturer rep and distributor directory.RENAISSANCE LIGHTING
The McGill model 5330 fluorescent extension light is a compact, bright solution for lighting confined areas. Designed to be carried and used virtually anywhere, the 5330 emanates soft, glare-free light that’s also energy efficient. Measuring 22-in. long, the 5330 is engineered to be durable with no exposed metal parts. An impact-resistant plastic outer lamp remains cool even after hours of use. The hinged hooks enable quick setup, and the light is available with 4W, 8W and 15W lamps. It is UL listed and CSA-certified models are available.MCGILL ELECTRICAL
With LiteCycle wiring, Litecontrol says it is the first lighting company to eliminate PVC from fixture wiring. LiteCycle wiring is UL approved and is now provided in all Litecontrol fixtures. The first LiteCycle material—LiteCycle resin baffle material, with 50% recycled content including 5% post-consumer material—was introduced in 2008 with the Radi-X pendant fixture.LITECONTROL
Litecontrol has added the smaller-scale Wall/Slot 8400 to its Wall/Slot family of fixtures. It’s essentially a smaller version of the company’s 85N, reduced by over 3 in. from height and 2 1/2 in. from width. It lights the upper wall at the ceiling, creating a floating ceiling effect, says the company, adding to the brightness and spaciousness of a room. The fixture installs using Litecontrol’s hook-and-lock installation system.LITECONTROL
Controlled Power Co.’s UltraLite Model ELC compact centralized emergency lighting inverter features, says the company, one of the smallest cabinet footprints in the industry. It is a no-break system, with regulated output and transient voltage protection for LED lighting, electronic ballasts, and other lighting applications and life safety systems. Model ELC contains UL 924’s 90 minutes of battery backup in a 22 x 11.75-in. D cabinet. Available in 600W to 2kW single-phase sizes, Model ELC maintains critical lighting systems, providing uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with Normally On fixtures and exit lamps, and standby output for use with Normally Off emergency lighting fixtures.CONTROLLED POWER CO.
Bulbrite introduced a frosted finish to its line of LEDs designed specifically for chandeliers. The LEDs are available in a 2.1W candelabra (E12) and a 2.5W medium (E26) bases, and can be used as direct energy efficient retrofit solutions for 15W and 25W incandescents, respectively. The design allows the chandelier LEDs to deliver 360º of illumination.BULBRITE
Eye Lighting has added a 39W model to its line of Cera Arc cMH (ceramic metal halide) lamps, which previously offered 70W and 150W ratings. Eye Cera Arc CMH lamps boast R9 values of 90 and CRI of 92—the highest, says Eye, in the industry. These values create rich colours, especially Red, says Eye, making them suited to grocery store meat, fish, produce and other displays. Rated at 3600K, Cera Arc blends well with fluorescent lighting in other parts of a store, claims the company. In addition to Red, Eye Cera Arc cMH lamps also promise brilliant Greens, Blues and Whites, and can be mounted in any position. (Appeared EBMag March 2010, Products)STANDARD PRODUCTS
Alumen8’s 8-CS series ambient lighting luminaires (a.k.a. “Incarcer8”) are intended for detention centre, jail and prison applications, as they are built to stand up to abuse. The luminaires replace standard interior HID metal-halide or HPS, incandescent and halogen light fixtures, with T8 or T5 linears in both retrofits or new construction. The series is characterized by a rigid linear V-shaped design. Steel framing around the light lens deflects thrown objects, pulling or prying. T8 or T5s are shielded by a choice of high-impact-resistant clear polycarbonate or clear tempered glass lenses.ALUMEN8
Litecontrol says the VCOptic lenses, VC1 and VC2, were engineered for maximum visual comfort. The VC1 lens is available in the Arcos M-5 as well as the Latitude-L, Latitude-C and Latitude-LS fixtures. The optical film uses microlens structures to direct and shape the transmitted light. This diffusion produces uniform brightness, says the company, with controlled luminances, while obscuring lamp images and controlling the intensity distribution. The VC2 lens uses microprism technology in an acrylic lens to control the luminance, create uniform brightness and obscure lamp images. It is available in Litecontrol’s Vivid fixture.LITECONTROL
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