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Stonco, a Philips group brand, introduced solar-powered LED fixtures powered by solar panel systems provided by Sol Inc. To make things easy, Stonco provides a complete package that includes the LED fixture, solar panel, controller, battery and pole. The system is sized based upon the geographic location and designed light output and operation mode.STONCO LIGHTING
Standard introduced a complete line of “new generation” T2 spiral CFLs. Their miniature size allows them to fit in just about any fixture and, says the company, they sport an improved structure over the previous generation, making them more solid and durable. These lamps boast better performance, says Standard, including longer lamp life (average 12,000 hours) and improved lumens. This generation is made with amalgam allowing for higher lumen maintenance and even colour temperature. The T2 CFLs are available in 9W, 13W, 18W and 23W versions in a variety of colour temperatures (ranging from 2700K to 5000K). Compared to their incandescent equivalents, the company says these T2 lamps last 12 times longer and use 80% less energy.STANDARD PRODUCTS
Designed for outdoor accent and display lighting applications, WAC Lighting unveiled the Invisiled Classic 24V outdoor system of LED tape lights—the newest addition to the firm’s Invisiled family. The fixtures are IP68-rated for submersion in water up to 5 ft, as well as cUL listed for wet locations. The LED consumes 2 watts/ft, and measures 1/8th of an inch thick and half an inch wide. Each Invisiled strip can be mounted with screw-based clips; the tape is available in field-cuttable 1-ft, 5-ft and 10-ft sections. (Appeared EBMag June/July 2010, Products)WAC LIGHTING
Jesco introduced the Sleek Plus LED S801: an LED linear lighting system designed for residential and commercial use in undercabinet (and similar) and interior cove lighting applications (straight or angled). S801 modules are 0.875 x 2-in. wide, come in 12-in., 24-in. and 36-in. lengths, and use 8.6 to 24.1 watts/foot. Modules operate on 120 line voltage, require no transformers, plug in to standard wall sockets and provide uniform 3000K color temperatures. The fixtures can be switched between preset full output lighting or dimmed-output background lighting. The units are constructed of aluminum extrusions (for the housing) with integral mounting connectors, include a 6-ft cord, a 3-prong plug and a direct connector for curved lighting designs. (Appeared EBMag June/July 2010, Products)JESCO
In collaboration with optic developers and LED manufacturers, Mine Safety Innovations (helmet lighting) has introduced LED retail accent spot and flood lighting. The MSI iPAR38 is dimmable and is expected to last more than 10 years (when lit 12 hours/day). It is CSA certified, available in 2700K or 3000K in 10º spot, 16º hybrid or 22.5º flood, and constructed with lead-free materials. The “Power Band” multi-output feature can be changed from 10W to 12W to 16W, says the company, with a simple click. Mine Safety calls this a “smart light” because of its PIC technology; with the hand-held device they provide, you can determine the wattage settings, beam spread and hours of use simply by pointing the device at the lamp.MINE SAFETY INNOVATIONS
HessAmerica’s pedestrian-scale Sera LED luminaire emits no uplight above 90º horizontal, and can be used for LEED lighting zones LZ2 through LZ4. The optical system consists of two high-power LEDs working in conjunction with a reflector and prismatic lens; light from the LED module is reflected outward and refracted through the lens to produce a long and narrow light distribution pattern. The prisms on the inside of the lens minimize the visual brightness of the luminaire while producing uniform illumination on the ground. Total power consumption is 39 watts. The Sera housing and integral fitter are die-cast aluminum; the formed aluminum door latch is flush to the housing and provides tool-less access to the luminaire. (Appeared EBMag June/July 2010, Products)HESSAMERICA
Philips Lighting Electronics North America introduced what it claims to be the industry’s first 250W magnetic pulse-start (PS) metal-halide ballast with 90% ballast efficiency. This quad-tap core and coil ballast is compatible with most existing 250W luminaires. The 250W PS XEE ballast allows professional lighting users to optimize their 250W PS lighting systems while reducing energy consumption and costs.PHILIPS LIGHTING ELECTRONICS
Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc., a company that develops, manufactures and markets products for LED lighting and markets, has published its Roadway and Walkway Lighting Catalogue. The 28-page, full-colour document includes photographs of products and applications (including close-ups). Complete product and spec information, dimensions, line drawings and photometrics are provided.SUNOVIA ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES
Bulbrite says its Purify02 family of coil and T5 quad CFLs (designed with a TiO2 coating) breaks down odours, making them ideal for damp-smelling applications, such as restrooms, closets, gyms, kennels, etc. The bulbs offer a life of 8000 hours; a 15W CFL coil offers 900 lumens and the 25W coil provides 1500, while the 27W CFL T5 quad offers 1700 lumens. Warm White and Natural Daylight versions are available.BULBRITE
The EvoLucia division of Sunovia Energy Technologies Inc. introduces Aimed Optics technology, which it uses in a series of pole- and surface-mounted roadway and area luminaires with individually lensed, custom-aimed LEDs. EvoLucia luminaires are the only such units that employ Aimed Optics, boasts the company, and meet each of four standard light distribution patterns set by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). Higher light utilization (greater light output) is achieved with Aimed Optics, continues EvoLucia, providing higher “fitted target efficiencies”; it further allows EvoLucia’s LED arrays and fixtures to meet Dark Sky guidelines and LEED certification requirements.EVOLUCIA
GE Lighting Solutions combined the traditional HID streetlight with LED technology and the Evolve optic light engine to create the R150 cobrahead luminaire. The Evolve design optimizes distribution, reduces glare and offers high utilization, says the company. The contoured housing closely resembles existing fixtures in the field, and incorporates a heat-sink fin design that, GE says, provides excellent thermal management for extended LED life while allowing for water run-off, minimizing dirt build-up on the exterior. GE says the LED photometric control contributes to colour consistency, greater optical control to provide light only where desired, improved fixture efficiency for lower operating cost, and better control of spill light to reduce light trespass. The R150 cobrahead can offer a 10-year+ service life and has field-replaceable components when maintenance is necessary. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)GENERAL ELECTRIC
Beacon’s Aurora employs a monolithic, integral heat-sink housing, which can mount flush to ceilings without supports. Horizontally opposed cast aluminum fins provides 5.9 sf of surface area to dissipate heat away from sensitive LED components. Fins are downward sloping to prevent sediment and moisture buildup on surfaces. Heat is not trapped with the luminaire; Beacon says this significantly reduces junction temperatures, maximizing LED light output and rated life. LEDs come in a choice of 32W, 40W, 48W and 80W in Cool, Neutral or Warm White. Dual circuitry allows individual switching for further energy savings during daylight, low occupancy or vacancy hours. LED drivers have over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and lightning protection as standard. Aurora has no special at-installation ventilation requirements. LEDs are sealed to IP65 standards inside a pull-out aluminum tray, behind a high-impact, thermo-formed acrylic lens. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)BEACON
Cooper’s Halo 6-in. LED downlight product line has expanded to now include the LED 900 and 1200 series, offering a selection of recessed downlighting options for general lighting in commercial and residential applications. Designed for new construction projects or retrofit existing nominal compatible housings, the H7 collection features good colour rendering (80 CRI) and offers a wide selection of colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K). The optical design yields productive beam lumens, providing even illumination, good cutoff and low glare. The 900 series modules deliver between 511-945 lumens, while the 1200 downlight series delivers 862-1541 lumens (depending upon selected trim and temperature). (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)COOPER LIGHTING
High-Lites’ HL-95-105 models are supplied with high-output MR16 halogen lamps, which provide enhanced path of egress illumination during emergency conditions. The low-profile units are available in both standard and self-diagnostic versions. The 105 offers 12 watts of additional capacity for operating remote lighting fixtures, or for extended emergency operation time. The product may be wall or ceiling mounted. Other features include: UV-stable thermoplastic housing in neutral cream finish; universal mounting plate with plug-in connector for ease of installation; fully adjustable lighting heads; maintenance-free battery; and universal 120/277vAC input. Available options include black finish and matching remote lighting fixtures. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)HIGH-LITES
Standard Products, a supplier of lighting solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential markets, has added a dimmable PAR38 to its line of energy-efficient cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). The company says CCFLs are long-lasting, consume little energy and, of course, are dimmable. (The term ‘cold-cathode’ refers to the fact the cathode is not independently heated. The voltage potential within the tube is sufficient to ionize the gas in the tube and cause current flow.) The cold-cathode PAR-shaped lamp provides a clear advantage over traditional directional lighting, says Standard, due to its cooler operation. It is dimmable across a range of 100% to 20%, and is suitable for frequent start and rapid flashing applications. Available in 2700K and 4100K—with an average life rating of 25,000 hours—the 18W dimmable lamp replaces a higher wattage halogen or incandescent reflector lamp, while lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 times longer. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)STANDARD PRODUCTS

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