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July 12, 2012 - Eaton hopes to prevent unscheduled downtime with its smartMCC technology, by retrofitting existing MCCs (motor control centres) with monitoring and preventive maintenance alerts, event logging, communication and local and remote annunciation capabilities. According to Eaton, it provides the most comprehensive and flexible MCC solutions in the market today, ranging from basic solutions to those that include PLCs, HMIs and custom programming.EATON
July 10, 2012 - WEG Electric describes its new line of power correction products as improving a plants power factor and supporting users in their efforts of reducing energy consumption, while avoiding costs or penalties from the utilities. Incorporated in the line are contactors, individual single and three phase capacitors, and a new three phase enclosed capacitor with a NEMA 4 enclosure as standard. According to WEG Electric, the products will increase energy efficiency and also increase a plant’s system capacity by allowing additional loads utilizing the same KVA. Additional benefits include the reduction of watt loss, increased life span of motors, equipment and conductors and the reduction of reactive current on the electrical network within the plant, it adds.WEG ELECTRIC MOTORS
March 6, 2012 - Wago has launched into the YouTube world with its inaugural channel, featuring 30+ videos to provide its customers with additional training and product support. Produced by Wago application engineers, and product and training managers, the step-by-step videos cover a spectrum of content for both new and experienced viewers. Topics range from basic terminal block marking via Wago ProServe Software, to advanced CoDeSys programming for Wago’s 750-670 Stepper Controller RS-422 module (pulse/direction). CLICK HERE to access Wago's YouTube channgel.WAGO
March 2, 2012 - Wago has released a new brochure highlighting updates to Wago’s ProServe design, assembly and marking suite. ProServe consists of free professional-grade software, as well as plotters/printers that combine design and engineering tasks with Wago’s 25,000 products to create assemblies. Revisions include new 6.0 software that utilizes a high-performance SQL server database, and expanded marking/design conveniences, e.g., AutoSave and SAP export options. WAGO
February 9, 2012 - Sew-Eurodrive has expanded its X Series industrial gear units to cover the lower power category by offering a torque range of 6.8 to 45 kNm (5000 to 33,000 ft-lb), resulting in a total torque range of 6.8 to 475 kNm (5000 to 350,000 ft-lb) for the product line. According to the company, the series’ finely graduated size and high power density results in savings in terms of both weight and cost. Product applications include motor adapters and mounting flanges, backstops and cooling systems, as well as sealing systems for the most varied environmental conditions. SEW-EURODRIVE
February 2, 2012 - Bridgeport Magnetics Group has developed the PhazeSaver Model PS15000, a transportable 15,000VA transformer to restore 240VAC power from a single phase 120VAC and a good neutral source. It can also provide 120V power from a service without a neutral but with two good phases. The PhazeSaver works with both overhead 120VAC/240VAC and underground 120VAC/208VAC systems, and restores power when partial service is lost until permanent repairs can be completed. Two units in parallel allow loads up to 30KVA. All electrical connections are enclosed and secured behind a hinged door with tamper proof key lock. BRIDGEPORT MAGNETICS GROUP
December 22, 2011 - Siemens has revealed that its latest extension to the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal—a full motor range—will be named “Simotics”. This latest release helps to accelerate the engineering of fail-safe applications using the new Step 7 Safety Advanced engineering tool, providing all the necessary project engineering and programming elements and offering newcomers a quick and intuitive entry into the world of programming, says Siemens. Innovations also include: a new generation of devices for the distributed I/O Simatic ET200SP; and new industrial communication products such as the Scalance X-500 industrial Ethernet switches.SIEMENS INDUSTRY SECTOR
December 16, 2011 - WEG has introduced a line of Super Premium Efficiency AC motors from 1 to 250 horsepower which exceeds the NEMA Premium efficiency levels with at least 20% fewer losses with a 1.25 service factor all the way up to 250HP, it says. According to WEG, the motors are ideal for high torque applications or high overload situations without having to specify a special purpose motor.WEG ELECTRIC MOTORS CORP.
October 26, 2011 - (While at the Torbram Electric grand re-opening in Calgary last month, Anthony Capkun met a gentleman from Accu-Flo who talked about a mobile fab shop. Here’s some more information —Ed.) Accu-Flo Meter Service recently finished doing up a 35-ft mobile fab shop, complete with generator, machining tools, compressor, cord reels, buss bar bender... all the tools required for a major repair or custom electricalinstall. To Accu-Flo’s knowledge, they are the only ones in the City of Calgary that can offer this service. With the mobile fab shop, the company is able to drive right up to a jobsite and install SPDs right on the main buss, or come and do a complete repair to a submerged panel that needs to have the buss replaced. If, for example, your MCC falls off the truck and needs the buss repaired, says Accu-Flo, you can wait up to several weeks to have the factory build you a new one; or, contact Accu-Flo, which boasts it can come onsite and make the necessary repairs in as little as a few days.ACCU-FLO METER SERVICE
October 24, 2011 - Schneider Electric is now offering the new Modicon M168 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), designed to help OEMs and end users improve performance, optimize costs and speed time-to-market for HVAC/R machines, it says. Using “flexible architectures, customized design” and SoHVAC software, the new controller offers solutions for small/medium chillers, roof top units, refrigeration racks, and air handling units. According to Schneider, the M168 allows customers to modify, reuse or create their own architectures and choose hardware configuration tools, and monitor energy consumption, machine shutdowns, and other problems remotely via its wed-capabilities. CSA-certified and CE marked.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
October 24, 2011 – Carrying IECEx-i certifications, Wago’s 750-606 24vDC Supply Module provides 1A (max) for Wago-I/O-system Ex-i modules, which permits one Wago-I/O-system node to serve hazardous and non-hazardous environments by separating intrinsically and non-intrinsically safe sections, it explains. According to Wago, this provides hazardous applications, e.g., mining and petrochemical process machinery, with fieldbus-independence and a cost-effective connection to sensors/actuators in Zones 0 and 1. The 750-606 functions by monitoring power supply to downstream Wago EX-i I/O; on-board diagnostics and auto-reset fuse minimize in-the-field service.WAGO
September, 15 2011 - Wago Corporation’s new 2006 Series Disconnect and Fuse Terminal Blocks bring the widest fusing choices and segment-leading UL ratings to the company’s Topjob S family, it says. According to Wago, each 2006 block utilizes the Topjob S footprint, which features dual jumper rows and accommodates conductors 20–8 AWG, and can serve industrial applications requiring disconnection, isolation and fuse protection of analog signals. 2006 Series consists of push-in termination for ferruled or solid conductors, including WAGO-exclusive pivoting disconnect and blade-style fuse models. A blown fuse indicator is optional on all fuse terminal blocks.WAGO
September 12, 2011 - GE claims its new AF-600 F11 Redundant Drive provides facility owners, operators and maintenance personnel with a one-stop solution that delivers the full benefits, performance and features of variable-speed drives without the downtime or expense of changing out drives manually. The product is ideal for applications where a full- or reduced-voltage bypass cannot be used because the control and functionality of an adjustable-speed drive is always required, says GE. In most cases, start-up of its panel for fan and pump applications can be completed in less than five minutes – and the drive’s hot-pluggable removable keypad eliminates the need for duplicate programming, it adds. GE
September 8, 2011 - The new Altivar 212 from Schneider Electric claims to deliver variable speed drive, and provide control panel builders with energy efficient and economical solutions for pump and fan applications up to 480V, it says. According to Schneider, the new AC drives adjust motor speed to the required flow of air or fluids, reducing energy costs by 50%. Additional features include: the drive’s local/remote button and embedded communications (Modbus, Apogee FLN P1, Metasys N2, BacNet) and LonWorks available via option cards.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
September 2, 2011 - Wago adds three new connectors to its Winsta Mini and Midi Connection Systems: the Mini 890 Series receives 4- and 5-pole units for space-restricted applications and the Mid-range Midi 770 Series adds a new 2-pole connector. According to Wago, the Winsta Mini’s 4- and 5-Pole Plug and Socket Connectors join existing 2- and 3-pole connectors, and are engineered for modern lighting fixtures, such as LED luminaires. The new Midi 770 plug-and-play 2-pole connector are rated up to 600V and 20A (12 AWG) and carry a UL Current Interruption Rating of 10A, 600V.WAGO
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