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Wago Corporation introduced the 2020 and 2022 series X-Coms pluggable connector systems. They include touchproof, pre-wired assemblies with TopJobs terminal blocks and combine pluggable connectors, DIN-rail blocks, and Cage Clamp connection. Before shipment, the X-Coms is tested for wiring and when installed, the X-Coms “provides PLC-to-terminal block wiring and pluggable connections for cabinet door accessories to terminal blocks,” says the release. The terminal blocks are available in single- or double-deck configurations with 3.5 or 5.2mm pin spacing and modular plugs are available in 1- and 20 conductor entries. Also available are 1-conductor/1-pin, 2-condutor/1-pin and 2-conductor/2-pin blocks. Accessories include: jumpers, test plugs, and marking.WAGO
WEG Electric Corp – a supplier of motors, drives, controls, transformers, and generators – announced its addition of two energy-efficient motors called the Quattro and the W22 Super Premium. Quattro is a magnet motor that features a three-phase distributed winding in the stator. This motor operates at “synchronous speed regardless of the load,” says the release. It also has the same frame size as an induction motor, no requirement for a feedback device, low bearing temperature, and inverter-driven multi-motor operation. The W22 Super Premium motor operates with low noise levels and high torques. It has a “1.25 Service Factor through the 447T frame size” and energy-efficient, says the release.WEG ELECTRIC
Schneider Electric created a Harmony biometric switch – based on fingerprint recognition – to restrict unauthorized machine access. It can recognize and authorize or refuse the operator in “less than one second, with a false acceptance rate of less than 0.1%,” says the release. The switch stores up to 200 different fingerprints and has “an acceptance rate of over 98% the first time it reads a fingerprint.” The switch has an optional protective cover and high intensity LED, but does not require the use of any additional interfaces. It also allows users to set parameters and register data through the interface. Finally, in a standard 22 mm cut-out, it can be installed with bared wires or an M12 connector.SCHNEIDER
MTL Instruments, a unit of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, launched a range of Fieldbus Barrier wiring hubs called the 9370-FB Series. These hubs are to connect safe field instruments to Foundation fieldbus networks in hazardous areas. The Fieldbus Barrier “retains the major benefits of the “High Energy Trunk” technique whilst removing the drawbacks associated with existing Field Barrier implementations,” says the release. The 9370-FB Series contain a fixed carrier assembly and pluggable components that come in stainless steel or carbon-loaded GRP. While the equipment is live, all parts of the system containing electronic circuits are housed in “pluggable” modules that can be removed and replaced. The system’s barrier modules, terminator and optional surge protection devices are all certified for removal and replacement in hazardous areas, according to MTL. MTL INSTRUMENTS
Schneider Electric says its Altivar 312 variable-speed AC drive is designed to make industrial and commercial machines more energy efficient while simplifying its integration into a single control system architecture. Available in 1-20 hp and up to 600V, the Altivar 312 features high overtorque and the only drive in its class, says the company, with a remote graphic keypad. The 312 comes standard with integrated communication ports for Modbus and CANopen networks, and optional cards for CANopen Daisy Chain, DeviceNet, Profibus DP. Autotuning, multi-loaders and 50 pre-loaded application functions to manage common facility processes simplify setup and installation. The drive is also fitted with coated cards (IEC 60721-3-3 Classes 3C2 and 3S2) and can withstand temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C without derating (even when installed side-by-side). Its integrated EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) also minimizes power disturbances and electrical interference.SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
Rockwell Automation expanded its overload relay family with the solid-state Allen Bradley Bulletin 193-EC5 E3 Plus, which combines current and voltage protection with power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. It is specially designed for low-voltage applications in material handling, water/wastewater, process, petrochemical and minerals and mining. Communicating status and diagnostic information using DeviceNet communications with Rockwell Software RSEnergyMetrix software, the relay identifies motors contributing to the monthly peak demand and power factor line items on utility bills. It also helps protect against voltage issues, such as under-voltage, voltage unbalance, phase loss, frequency and phase rotation before the contactor coil is energized. While the motor is powering a load, the overload relay protects the motor based on excessive real power (kW), reactive power (kVAR), apparent power (kVA) and power factor. The overload relay accommodates currents ranging from 0.4A to 860A, as well as currents up to 5000A (using external current transformers).ROCKWELL AUTOMATION
The SCADASwitch SS10 is a flexible device for SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) communications. With 2x RS232 input ports and RS232/RS485 outport ports, the SCADASwitch can function as a multiplexer, modbus address translator and modbus security device. SCADASwitch SS10 enables two SCADA masters to communicate to a single RTU/EFM port. A wide temperature and voltage range, low power operation and Class I, Div 2 certification makes it suitable for remote RTU/EFM panel applications.BENTEK SYSTEMS LTD.
New to the Adalet family of explosionproof motor control enclosures and systems is a decreased-footprint combination starter with modular, interchangeable trip blocks. Using Moeller’s PKZ2 plug-in trip modules, Adalet now provides a smaller, universal enclosure for sizes 0 through 3 explosionproof combination starter requirements. The starter uses one frame size to control and protect motors up to 30hp at 480V or 25hp @ 600V. The universal trip modules, meantime, allow the enclosure size to be decreased, creating a more compact and lighter weight assembly. 11 different plug-in modules range from fractional to 30hp (exchanging trip modules does not require tools nor rewiring).ADALET
Wago’s 858 Series of DIN-rail mount four-pole, double-throw industrial relays are engineered for “robust applications requiring compact signal switching for power and control”. The 858 Series can be ordered as complete relay modules or a customizable socket/base with stand-alone relays as components. The relays are available in coil voltages of 24vDC, 120vDC and 230vAC, as well as gold contact-equipped variants. All carry integrated status LEDs and manual operation, consisting of an operation lever, additional mechanical relay status and Push-to-Test capability. Relay modules employ compact spring pressure connection technology for push-in wiring (solid or ferruled conductors) or screwdriver-actuated terminations (stranded conductors).WAGO
Wago Corp.’s 750-352 ECO ethernet fieldbus coupler enables the transition from centralized PAC/PLCs to flexible, decentralized networks. The coupler supports protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP and ethernet I/P, and accommodates 64 I/O modules. Ideal for applications with medium I/O counts, Wago says the 750-352 allows integrators to reduce costs via economical distributive controls. The DIN-rail mount, UL-listed ECO coupler promises reliable data transmission and high-speed communication via 10/100 Mbit/s ethernet port.WAGO
Bodine Electric Co. has upgraded and expanded its Type-CG variable-speed AC inverter-duty and permanent magnet DC gearmotors, which are designed for applications such as heavy-duty conveyor systems, medical equipment, and food processing and factory automation. The CG gearhead is paired with Bodine’s variable speed electric motors; the 48R6, AC inverter-duty, and 42A7 permanent magnet DC motors. This integral gearmotor design allows the CG to deliver up to 1000 lb-in of torque—nearly twice the torque of any previous Bodine product, says the company. (Appeared EBMag August 2010, Products)BODINE ELECTRIC
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