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July 24, 2013 - BICSI—an association supporting the information technology systems (ITS) industry—announced the release of its latest standard, ANSI/BICSI 005-2013, “Electronic Safety and Security (ESS) System Design and Implementation Best Practices”. BICSI 005 provides security professionals with the requirements and recommendations for a structured cabling infrastructure needed to support today’s security systems, while providing the cabling design professional information on different elements within safety and security systems affecting the design.
July 23, 2013 - Omega’s new OM-ESW-100 series is a range of IEEE 802.3 layer two network unmanaged industrial ethernet switches with automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing. The series features construction capable of withstanding environmental extremes, says Omega, adding these Class I, Division 2 switches feature redundant power inputs, hardened metal enclosures, and 16kV port protection. Each switch is capable of auto negotiating 10/100 Mbps and half/full duplex communications.
July 17, 2013 - Signamax Connectivity Systems says it has improved the design of its RMF-series rackmount optical fiber adapter-plate panels to include an integrated mechanism for mounting cable management bar for routing and strain relief. Two types of optional cable management bar are available, and they mount to the back of the panel. RMF-series panels are a range of economy, high-density optical fiber patch panels accepting a variety of Signamax optical fiber adapter plates. They are available in 3- and 6-adapter-plate sizes (1 or 2 RMS), and are suitable where space is limited. These high-density panels provide increased termination density due to more compact adapter population, says the company, and can be supplied unloaded for field configuration or pre-loaded with adapters.
July 11, 2013 - CommScope has released a nearly 200-page e-book‚ authored by many of its engineers and technical directors, titled Understanding the RF Path. The book reports on complicated technical issues from the wireless communications industry, informing wireless engineers, business and marketing professionals, and other industry players about the state and evolution of wireless networks and infrastructure. Topics highlighted in the e-book include: cell site construction and network planning; technology basics of antennas, remote radio heads, transmission lines and other RF Path components; and network reliability and site monitoring. The e-book is available in digital format for viewing online and as an iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app.
July 10, 2013 - Fluke Networks has announced the AirMapper Android app which provides a visual heat map of actual Wi-Fi throughput performance on smartphone and tablet devices. While existing solutions can map speed and signal strength or perform throughput spot checks, AirMapper claims to be the first to provide a visual throughput map, which the company says is key to optimizing Wi-Fi networks by taking the actual user experience of mobile devices into account. The AirMapper app also provides details of the Wi-Fi network, including access point (AP) channel, signal and security properties, helping ensure the delivery of critical business applications. Users also have the ability to locate any AP on a floor map, and add text, photo, audio or video annotations during the site survey.
July 9, 2013 - Snake Tray’s new Snake Air is an airflow manager for computer access floors designed to allow MC cable and copper/fiber cables to pass through the floor without disrupting proper air flow in a data centre or at workstations. The Snake Air is designed to segregate the two types of cables to prevent damage either. It installs flush-mount to the floor and comes in a variety of sizes and colours to meet customer specs.
June 27, 2013 - Wireless operators are considering strategies to keep ahead of surging mobile data consumption rates by offloading macro network traffic onto smaller cell sites. To help operators deploy small cells quicker, CommScope is supplying a family of equipment-integrated modular solutions called Metro Cell Concealment Solutions. The solutions conceal the key RF path equipment in a visually unobtrusive structure that more easily meets zoning restrictions in urban and suburban areas, because it is often impractical to put typical cell towers in congested areas, operators need options for adding wireless capacity, says the company.
June 26, 2013 - CABLExpress has reduced diameter and bend radius in its Uniboot product line 33%, which the company says enhances the Skinny-Trunk fiber optic patch cord and allows for substantial data centre infrastructure cabling reduction without altering the existing technology. The small diameter of the Skinny-Trunk patch cord also promotes airflow paths in the data centre. In addition to the size reduction, the cord features a shorter connector body for increased flexibility and manageability.
June 25, 2013 - Extron Electronics has introduced a new product to its family—the DVI 110 Plus is a DVI signal regenerator and audio extender with EDID Minder. The DVI 110 Plus retimes and reshapes marginal or noisy DVI-D signals at the source, ensuring a digital signal. It also accepts unbalanced computer stereo audio and converts it to balanced line level stereo audio, eliminating noise usually associated with unbalanced audio over long cable runs, says the company. The DVI 110 Plus features EDID Minder, which maintains EDID communication with the source to maintain video output even if the display device is off. The DVI 110 Plus can be used with an Extron DVI 101 or HDMI 101 Plus cable equalizer, as well as DVI or HDMI products equipped with input cable equalization.
June 25, 2013 - HAI by Leviton introduced a more compact version of the company’s Hi-Fi 2 system called the Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source audio system. The system can be controlled through a remote control included with the system, or directly by a free Android or iPhone app. The 4x4 model allows users to listen to and share music sources with any room that has speakers connected to the device. Both local and remote source inputs are standard features, with optional wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Remote Input Module (RIM) features a routed IR emitter jack for remotely controlling existing source equipment from any room that has a volume source control. The new version comes complete with the Hi-Fi 2 4x4 amplifier, four volume source controls, two remote input modules, a remote control and a power supply.
June 20, 2013 - TE Connectivity (TE) has announced its new 1.2mm fiber patch cords. The patch cords require just one-third the space of popular 2.0mm patch cords and one-half the space of 1.6mm patch cords, extending the life of existing fiber management systems, boasts TE. The new 1.2mm fiber patch cords from TE help operators conserve space in fiber management systems and delay investment in new fiber management systems, says the company.
June 20, 2013 - Belden introduces the GarrettCom Magnum 10RX configurable router and security appliance, which offers advanced layer 3 networking protocols, firewall and secure virtual private networking for heavy duty industrial applications. The 10RX is designed for mission-critical applications such as power utility substations, smart grid deployments and other industrial networks with multi-protocol requirements, tight security directives and quality of service demands. It supports mixed TCP/IP and legacy protocols, a requirement of many existing substations.
June 16, 2013 - The recently approved IEEE 1904.1 Standard for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON) provides open, system-level specs enabling multi-vendor plug-n-play interoperability in EPON (ethernet passive optical network) systems. These systems support a diverse suite of business and residential services, says IEEE, including IPTV, VoIP, commercial-grade data services and cellular backhaul. The standard endeavored to document the best practices that have been proved in various EPON deployments around the world. Among the new additions are power-saving modes and optical fiber protection mechanisms.
May 25, 2013 - Rittal’s Modulsafe Level E is an enhanced version of the existing Safe platform and is suitable, insists the company, for critical data that requires total protection (see Video below). Modulsafe provides a platform that promises compact, single-rack protection as secure as the data centre. Creating a complete security zone around a 19-in. rack, Modulsafe Level E provides protection from unwanted access, fire, vandalism and theft. A new feature is the use of Rittal’s TS IT server rack in place of the TS 8. Smart protection mechanisms, including sensors and monitoring software, maximize uptime.
May 20, 2013 - Corning Inc. unveiled what it calls the first “all-optical, converged in-building wireless solution” to satisfy the demand from enterprises, hotels, convention centres and arenas for high-speed, high-capacity wireless hubs with “virtually unlimited bandwidth”. Built on an optical backbone, the Corning ONE (Optical Network Evolution) wireless platform is designed to handle core cellular technologies and enable multiple applications, including wireless LAN, public safety and location-based services. In addition, ONE offers Wi-Fi support through its built-in Gigabit ethernet and PoE (power over ethernet) capability. The platform leverages “fiber-to-the-edge” technology to deliver more bandwidth, operators, services and applications via fiber links, says Corning, to an integrated, modular single-input, single-output/multiple-input, multiple-output (SISO/MIMO) antenna. The platform’s remote antenna units offer upgradable expansion modules for MIMO in a single antenna, allowing for future additions of active spectrum.

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