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Appleton has introduced a line of stainless steel and nickel-plated aluminum cord grips optimized for use in food processing plants, breweries, wastewater treatment centres and petrochemical facilities. The grips terminate flexible metallic electrical cable either at a conduit hub or knockout to provide an environmental seal against water and other contaminants. They are available in four distinct designs with or without strain reliefs.APPLETON
Legrand/Wiremold now offers a six-compartment floor box with the same 8-in. round cover as the Evolution Series poke-thru device. This gives designers the option of a round cover as well as the ability to have matching covers when Wiremold Resource RFB6E Series floor boxes and Evolution poke-thru devices are used in the same space.WIREMOLD
By converting off-peak electrical energy into a reservoir of radiant heat stored within a building’s foundation, EasyHeat’s HeatBank mats and cables allow commercial and industrial businesses to lower their energy bills. Once stored, this uniform, non-drying heat radiates throughout the building during peak energy periods as an “eco-friendly supplement to standard heating systems”. HeatBank cables and mats are placed into the sand bed beneath a building’s concrete floor slabs. The dual-conductor storage cable is UL listed for earth thermal storage applications. Each heating zone requires an adjustable sensing thermostat to control floor temperature at an appropriate setting, and a pre-set thermostat to ensure heating cable temperature does not exceed design requirements. Nominal output of the cable is 8W/ft.EASYHEAT
Legrand/Wiremold says it has redesigned its FloorPort Series infloor activation covers to provide enhanced durability, improved function and designer colours. FloorPort covers are fully compatible with new and legacy Resource RFB Series floor boxes and Walkercell systems, with applications ranging from schools and airports to offices and institutions. A one-piece articulated hinge allows the cover to open a full 180°; egress doors have been made larger and have an automatic locking feature that keeps them from clamping down on wires and cables. FloorPort covers are offered in flanged and flangeless styles, with and without cutouts for inserting flooring finishes. The covers are UL listed to Canadian safety standards for tile, terrazzo, carpet and wood floors.LEGRAND/WIREMOLD
22 January 2010AFL Telecommunications released its new interconnect premise MicroCore fiber optic cable, designed to support multiple channels at high data rates within a small footprint. The cable’s diameter was minimized using multiple coloured 250m fibers and aramid strands. Packaged in a PVC jacket, AFL’s MicroCore is suitable for mass terminations employing both MT- and MP-style connectors. Available in both simplex and zipcord designs—with fiber counts from eight to 24—the interconnect cable is suitable for building interconnections, data centre and central offices. Additionally, the cable design is available with OM3 and OM4 grade 50m MM laser-optimized fibers.CLICK HERE for AFL Telecommunications.
22 January 2010Stewart Connector—a division of Bel Fuse Inc.—announced the availability of the modular MRJ21 interconnect system (under a license agreement with Tyco Electronics). The MRJ21 is designed to promote optimal port density in space-constrained telecom and premise wiring applications, says Stewart. The Cat 5e cable assemblies simultaneously support VoIP, PoE and GbE while offering installers the ability to connect 24 twisted pairs with just one connection. The I/O interconnect systems’ double-blade design allows up to four times the port density of traditional 2x6 stacked modular jacks (RJ45), says the company, and up to three times the port density of an RJ21 connector.CLICK HERE for Stewart Connector.
22 January 2010AFL Telecommunications introduced low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) loose tube cable with thermoset jacket for mass transit applications. The cable is specifically designed for harsh environments; it includes a dry-core water blocking system, SZ-stranded core for mid-span access and a flame retardant, chemical resistant, cross-linked UV-resistant outer jacket. The cable is suitable for subway tunnels, railway right-of-ways, mining, airport terminals, confined space pathways and steam tunnels, and is available in fiber counts up to 60 in single-mode or multimode.CLICK HERE for AFL Telecommunications.
22 January 2010Legrand Wiremold now offers a six-compartment floor box with the same 8-in. round cover as the Evolution Series poke-thru device, giving designers the option of a round cover as well as the ability to have matching covers when Wiremold Resource RFB6E series floor boxes and Evolution poke-thru devices are used in the same space.CLICK HERE for Legrand Wiremold.
22 January 2010Legrand Ortronics introduced a range of Mighty Mo wallmount cabinets designed with “advanced cable management” to help secure, support and organize networking equipment where floor space is limited, or in open office environments. The new cabinets provide capacity for both active and passive equipment, featuring rack unit, finger-style vertical managers and one pair of fully adjustable 12-24 EIA mounting rails to provide the same level of support as a full-size cabinet. The cabinets are available with an optional rear horizontal-mount bracket kit.CLICK HERE for Legrand Ortronics
22 January 2010General Cable has added halogen-free riser cables to its GenSpeed product line. These UL-rated Cat 6 and 5e riser cables—known as 17 Free cables—contain no chlorine, fluorine, bromine nor iodine, reducing the overall toxicity of the cable.CLICK HERE for General Cable.
Arlington boasts that its hanger accessories make vertical installations for a variety of items using drop wire fast, easy and secure. The DW50 wire grabber kit was designed to install overhead fixtures, fixture boxes, cable trays, etc, and eliminates the need to wrap the drop wire. The FH50 fixture hanger provides snap-in installation from inside a box. Its wire holder was designed to ease the hanging process. Each supports up to 50-lb fixture boxes, fixtures, cable trays and other static load items requiring drop wire support. (Appeared EBMag March 2010, Products)ARLINGTON INDUSTRIES
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