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Protect your boxes with Bradley Construction Blanks

October 16, 2014
By Anthony Capkun


October 16, 2014 – As seen at the NECA Show 2014, Bradley Construction Blanks (BCBs) were invented by an electrician who got tired of continually looking for, then fixing, his outlet and switch boxes that had been damaged or covered up by drywallers.

The blanks are constructed out of galvanized steel to prevent any rust or discolouration to the wall finish and, because they are thin, the BCBs can be overlapped for ganged electrical boxes. BCBs are attached to any standard electrical box using the supplied captive retaining clips, which work with both plastic boxes and metal mud extension rings. Just use your thumb to push the clips into the screw holes, to remove, insert an ordinary awl or small Philips screwdriver into the removal hole and pop it off (they can also be attached using standard 6/32 screws).

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