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READY for the 2nd Annual “Climb the Turbine”?

September 27, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


September 26, 2013 – EBMag has learned of an interesting event called Climb the Turbine, which organizers claim is North America’s first and only wind turbine-climbing fundraiser. The challenge? Climb the 64 metre-high Windshare Toronto Hydro wind turbine at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ont., between October 5-8. But you can’t just show up… there’s a catch!

Participants will climb a ladder inside the turbine in pairs with a guide, and each pair from the general public is required to raise $500 or more, while corporate teams are required to raise $1000.

Organizers say the monies raised will go to Kids’ World of Energy—a program that delivers in-class, hands-on workshops on renewable energy for students across Ontario.

Climbers will be secured by a harness for the entire journey ascending and descending the turbine. There are three sections inside the turbine, separated by hatches.


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