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RECALL: Ford 2015 Transit van seat buckles

March 4, 2016 | By Renée Francoeur

March 4, 2016 – Ford is recalling its 2015 Transit vans, reports Transport Canada, due to a seal belt concern.

A heavy impact to the top of a rear seat belt buckle (high-end load) may result in damage, Ford stated, causing the buckle cover to displace downward and/or rotate relative to the latch mechanism. If a rear seat belt buckle is damaged, the buckle cover may interfere with the normal function of the buckle, Ford added, which may prevent the buckle tongue from becoming latched.

Owners will be provided instructions to inspect their rear passenger seat belt buckles, the company said, or dealers will provide this inspection if customers have questions or concerns. When repair parts become available, owners will be notified to take their vehicle to a dealer to have the rear passenger seat belt buckles repaired or replaced, as required.

The company said this recall applies to 1781 vans.


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