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RECALL: Ledvance Ultra LED RT56HO900 recessed downlight kits

January 31, 2018 | By Anthony Capkun

Photos courtesy CPSC.

January 31, 2018 – Ledvance is voluntarily recalling Batch 0 RT56HO900 Ultra LED RT56HO900 recessed downlight kits due to risk of electrical shock.

The Batch 0 products are affected by a performance issue causing strobing or flickering due to overheating, explains Ledvance. This performance issue was resolved in all subsequent batches by adding a higher-temperature capacitor and thermal pad.

Additionally, the product has a non-isolated driver, so the full input voltage to power the product can cause current to flow through the product’s 0-10V dimming wires, which may not be known to end users.

Accordingly, while no shock hazard exists during normal use—even should the Batch 0 product fail—attempting to troubleshoot the strobing/flickering with the power On may result in electrical shock.


This recall involves about 56,000 RT56 kits sold to industrial/commercial distributors between June 2015 and October 2016 in both Canada and the States. The kit were not available for sale to consumers at retail sites.

No other batches (e.g. Batch 1, 2 or 3 of the RT56HO product) or any other products are affected by this recall.

The Model numbers may be found by lifting up the foam protective cover: they are a 5-digit number followed by a dash, then a single-digit number. These represent the model number followed by the batch number:

• 75137-0 : LEDRT56HO900827 2/CS 1/SKU

• 75138-0 : LEDRT56HO900830 2/CS 1/SKU

• 75139-0 : LEDRT56HO900840 2/CS 1/SKU

• 75140-0 : LEDRT56HO900835 2/CS 1/SKU

Should you have affected RT56HO kit(s), contact Ledvance for a free replacement. Do not return this product to your electrical distributor.

Ledvance says it is contacting all electrical distributors who purchased affected lamps.

For more information, call Ledvance at 800-654-0089.

— Photos courtesy CPSC.

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