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RECAP – EBMag’s Tweets from IAEI Convention – Canada Section & Ontario Chapter

October 2, 2011  By Anthony Capkun

UPDATED October 2, 2011 – EBMag’s editor, Anthony Capkun, is attending the Fall convention of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), Canadian Section & Ontario Chapter, and posted Tweets in real-time to our Twitter Feed. They include some of the people he met on the tradeshow floor, some points brought up by speakers, etc. Below, we’ve consolidated all those Tweets for your reading pleasure (in reverse chronological order):


@IAEI Residential EV charging stations projected to grow to over 650,000 units over next 5 years

@IAEI Lonny Simonian will discuss Smart Grid & NFPA electrical safety codes & standards


@IAEI Just interviewed IAEI’s Chuck Mello, Int’l President, & David Clements, CEO & executive director. VIDEO to come

@IAEI the contact area (a-spots) between conductor & connector is actually a lot smaller than what is apparent

@IAEI Day 2, “Conductor Terminations” by Christel Hunter (Alcan) and Randy Hunter (Cooper Bussmann)


Still a few more sessions @IAEI Canada Section & Ontario Chapter convention tomorrow before it’s a wrap!

Just chatted with ESA’s Normand Breton @IAEI & we discussed importance of reminding people to check for Marks of certification

@IAEI The Right Way to check an Arc Fault Circuit Interruptor is to push its button, not an external tester

@IAEI lots of activity at the Mersen booth (formerly Ferraz Shawmut) http://yfrog.com/khy8wqoj

@IAEI ProSafe gets into hazardous area classification in Canada & the States

@IAEI Chatting with Miles Purvis with ProSafe, an engineering firm involved with pre-start H&S review http://yfrog.com/nzwsaogj

@IAEI shot of booth of EESCO, Entertainment Electrical Safety Committee of Ontario. Pretty complicated! http://yfrog.com/nykxpjj

@IAEI EESCO’s main purpose for being here is to educate inspectors on special requirements for entertainment venues http://yfrog.com/kliprqcj

@IAEI Visiting United Wire & Cable, learning about Maxiamp, an innovative, Cdn-designed bus system. http://yfrog.com/klbq1expj

@IAEI chatting with Bob Campbell of IPEX, a leader in PVC conduit & fittings, which includes Scepter brand http://yfrog.com/nwb24aj

@IAEI Intertek is a leader in testing, serving manufacturers, retailers & consumers globally http://yfrog.com/h8pfhhaj

@IAEI The PGR-8800 arc flash relay will not accidentally trip because of something like a camera flash http://yfrog.com/h381026057j

@IAEI Littelfuse/Startco showing off new Arc-Flash relay with light detection, trips breaker in 1 msec http://yfrog.com/nwx21fmj

@IAEI The SE-731 is unique because is uses a current tranformer to detect a DC fault, great for VFDs, PVs, etc. http://yfrog.com/nx2xcmj

@IAEI Chatting with Ross George of Littelfuse/Startco showing off brand new SE-731, AC/DC Ground Fault Relay

@IAEI The only thing MET makes is a test report for its clients, explains Mike Baldwin

@IAEI MET has been around since 1959, serving electrical manufacturers requiring certification metlabs.com

@IAEI Chatting with Mike of MET, a resource for inspection agencies to assure compliance of unlabelled field equipment http://yfrog.com/kllrgdzj

@IAEI Clements says Direct Current installations in businesses & even homes may not be that far off.

@IAEI is constantly looking at educational opportunities in emerging technologies, like electric vehicle chargers.

@IAEI Clements reminds us of the great education & certification that comes with IAEI membership.

@iaei We’re now going to hear from David Clements, CEO & Executive Director of Int’l Assoc. of Electrical Inspectors

@iaei GOOD reminder from ESA’s Steve Smith… “Codes & standards are written in blood”. Think about that…

@IAEI Big round of applause for Tony Titus, IAEI 2011 conference chair. Well deserved Tony!

@iaei Lunch is over, now we’re going to hear from Scott Saint, COO of Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority

@iaei Dobson explains similarities & differences between Division & IEC Zone systems for hazardous locations

@iaei Common Mistake: explosionproof equipment MUST NOT be sealed tight; openings are designed to allow cooled gas OUT

@iaei starting presentation Overview of Hazardous Locations by John Dobson of Cooper Crouse-Hinds

@IAEI TM21 just got published last week, supplementing LM80 for LED sources

@iaei Bussey shows slide showing global bans on various lighting technologies, like T12 and HID http://yfrog.com/nymr2ekj

@iaei bussey explains induction lighting will still have its place, but a lot of the market moving to LEDs

@iaei sitting down to a discussion of LED & induction lighting by Derek Bussey of Cooper Lighting

@IAEI – Morning speaker explains how to make a 25-hour day; by eliminating “non-productive reverie”… which includes worrying

EBMag is @IAEI Convention & Tradeshow (Canada and Ontario Sections) in London, Ont. Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions!

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