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RECAP – EBMag’s Tweets from Schneider Electric US’s Editor Event

October 15, 2011
By Anthony Capkun

October 15, 2011 – EBMag’s editor, Anthony Capkun, attended an exclusive Schneider Electric Editor Day in Chicago, Ill., October 15, and Tweeted in real-time to our Twitter Feed various points from presentations given by:

Jeff Drees, U.S. country president; Aaron Davis, global chief marketing officer; Allen Breeze, senior vice-president, Power Business; and more. Below, we’ve consolidated all those Tweets for your reading pleasure (in reverse chronological order):

#SEeditor @SchneiderNA supports electrical contractors, says Todd, with education/training, & marketing support

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Stephen Todd says his Schneider distributors have been great partners… even staying out of the way when needed


@SchneiderNA #SEeditor 50% of Egan’s revenues stem from the electrical contracting division.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Stephen Todd, dir. Energy Services with Egan, discusses learning to speak the CFO’s language.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Look for EV charging station training from Schneider coming to Canada… eventually.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Besides solar, the next big opportunity is electric vehicle charging station infrastructure.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Regarding solar, we offer a “Megawatt-In-A-Box” solution, says Breeze

#SEeditor As an electrical contractor, why not team up with your local car dealership to provide EV charging station installs

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Allen Breeze sees strong opportunities for electrical contractors in the Power Business space.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Breeze says growing opportunities in wiser energy, solar solutions & EV supply equipment

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Breeze says we will still provide products, but they will be imbued with intelligence & services

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Sitting in on Power Business presentation by Allen Breeze

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor We are tightening relations with universities to “train ahead” the next generation.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Today, says Drees, we’re launching StruxureWare; which bundles apps such as energy & operations.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor We want clients to give us their energy bills and ask us to find 30% in efficiencies, says Drees

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Summit brings to Schneider a view of the sustainability footprint of the entire company.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor – We are evolving; rather than a product company, we are a product, solutions, software & SaaS company.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor – Telvent has brought a lot of new dimensions to our company, says Drees

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor – IT, Power, Energy, Industry and Buildings are Schneider’s 5 Business Units.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Jeff Drees says Schneider has doubled in size over last 5 years pic.twitter.com/xHnBmwTq

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Utilities want to work with someone who’s been around the block & understands power.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Some innovative projects & studies going on around the world involving energy storage.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor The Blackout of 2003 occurred because of a 1-millisecond error between systems that weren’t smart enough.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor A”demographic tsunami” is approaching with the retirement of boomers. How will they use energy?

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor smart grid will create a lot of communications, which will require data centres. Good specialty to get into!

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Utilities have worked under years of inertia & now they’re in the spotlight.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Global smart grid market expected to reach $125.15 billion by 2017.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Energy theft is a big issue in India and Brazil. pic.twitter.com/cFMrnhIO

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Energy efficiency is the quickest way to save energy & reduce emissions.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor The smart grid combines electricity and IT to connect all users.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Now sitting in on “Smart Grid Reality Check” Session.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor : Smarter Supply + Smarter Demand + Demand Response = Smart Grid

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Drees says each Schneider business contributes to the smart grid, & today we’ll learn how.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor We see a future in the OpEx Economy; there’s money there, & it will create jobs.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Drees says 80% of global CapEx spending will be in emerging economies; “lumpy” in mature economies.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Urban migration a key company motivator, as is an uncertain economic recovery.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor You need good technology to curtail energy waste, & you need good people to create that technology

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor – Drees says global energy demand will double by 2050. Electricity demand doubles by 2030.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Jeff Drees, US country president, takes the stage to discuss trends & changes from last year

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor The company takes seriously its commitment to the world’s energy-deprived.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Davis says we need to make energy efficiency sexy.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Energy efficiency represents huge business opportunity.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor You think the internet is busy now? Wait for the machine-to-machine internet of tomorrow !

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Cybersecurity for the grid is paramount in the coming years.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor – Ongoing growth in data centres is inevitable with smart technologies.

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor “When faced with economic uncertainty, customers & vendors prefer to consolidate key relationships”

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Davis says the company positions itself as the global specialist in energy management

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor “Developing markets give us the opportunity to leapfrog technologies” says Davis

@SchneiderNA #SEeditor Aaron Davis, chief mktg officer, asks where we will find the Silicon Valley of the smart grid

Schneider Electric’s Editor Day kicks off with greetings from Marty Hanna @SchneiderNA #SEeditor

EBMag’s is @SchneiderNA Editors’ Event in Chicago. Looking forward to hearing from Jeff Drees and numerous Schneider VPs.

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