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Risco Group Industrial LuNAR ceiling-mount detector

January 22, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

22 January 2010

Risco Group USA, a provider of integrated security systems, introduced the Industrial LuNAR addressable dual-technology ceiling-mount intrusion detector. Combining detection accuracy with false alarm immunity, the detector can be installed up to 28-ft high and boasts anti-cloak technology (ACT) to detect intruder camouflage attempts. The unit incorporates three independently adjustable photo infrared (PIR) channels for customized coverage, along with a microwave channel. Intelligent digital signal processing adjusts alarm threshold and pulse count verification to accommodate actual intruder behaviour and environmental factors. The coverage area is 360 degrees, emanating in a cone-shaped pattern from the detector mounted in a ceiling to a 60-ft diameter, and lens positions are adjustable according to installation height.

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