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Rockwell Allen-Bradley Bulletin 193-EC5 E3 Plus relay

April 29, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Rockwell Automation expanded its overload relay family with the solid-state Allen Bradley Bulletin 193-EC5 E3 Plus, which combines current and voltage protection with power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. It is specially designed for low-voltage applications in material handling, water/wastewater, process, petrochemical and minerals and mining. Communicating status and diagnostic information using DeviceNet communications with Rockwell Software RSEnergyMetrix software, the relay identifies motors contributing to the monthly peak demand and power factor line items on utility bills. It also helps protect against voltage issues, such as under-voltage, voltage unbalance, phase loss, frequency and phase rotation before the contactor coil is energized. While the motor is powering a load, the overload relay protects the motor based on excessive real power (kW), reactive power (kVAR), apparent power (kVA) and power factor. The overload relay accommodates currents ranging from 0.4A to 860A, as well as currents up to 5000A (using external current transformers).


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