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RRS-3 LK enables arc-safe remote installation of circuit breakers

May 28, 2019 | By Peter Saunders

Photo by CBS ArcSafe

May 28, 2019 – CBS ArcSafe has introduced the RRS-3 LK, a single-application remote racking solution (RRS) to allow technicians to remotely install and remove ABB/BBC/ITE Type LK air circuit breakers from a safe distance of up to 300 ft away, stationed outside the arc-flash boundary.

The lightweight, portable RRS-3 LK features a newly designed constant force spring assembly, which provides a ‘pull’ force toward the face of the breaker, to stay engaged with the racking mechanism during the racking process. A tool will maintain the trip button position during the racking operation, allowing a charged breaker to be racked out.

A magnetic latching system means not modifications are required to existing electrical equipment during installation and operation. Typical applications of the RRS-3 LK include positive protection and control of power circuits on low-voltage (LV) power distribution systems, up to 630 V AC and 60 Hz.


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