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Sanyo partners with PV Trackers to better serve utilities

October 19, 2011  By Anthony Capkun

October 19, 2011 – Sanyo North America Corp. announced a partnership with PV Trackers, a manufacturer of solar ground-mounted tracking systems. The combined systems, boast the partners, provide “the world’s most efficient solar PV system for large commercial and utility-scale systems”.

“We are focused on providing utilities the best opportunities to increase power production from renewable sources like Sanyo’s high-efficiency panels,” said Charles Hanasaki, president of the Solar & Smart Energy Division. “PV Trackers system, when combined with our panels, will add increased clean energy production by maximizing the energy of the sun for all hours of sunlight during the day.”

“We are very pleased about the partnership between PV Trackers and Sanyo. The bundling of our technologies will allow Panasonic/Sanyo PV power plants to deliver peak power all day long. This combination will produce the lowest cost MWh while maintaining the highest standards of reliability and efficiency,” said Bill Taylor, CEO of PV Trackers.


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