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Saskatchewan concrete finisher electrocuted; business owners fined

November 9, 2011  By Anthony Capkun

November 9, 2011 – A Saskatchewan contractor, Clint Farnham of Rock Hard Concrete Finishers, has been found guilty of one count under the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act related to a failure to ensure that all work was sufficiently and competently supervised. Farnham was fined $15,600 in Regina Provincial Court.

The conviction related to an incident that occurred near Southey on December 17, 2007. A crew from Rock Hard Concrete Finishers was working under contract for Jeffrey and Donna Wilcocks. A worker made contact with a metal reinforced gas line and was fatally electrocuted. Farnham was acquitted on four other charges relating to this incident.

Jeffery and Donna Wilcocks were also charged in relation to the same incident. Jeffery Wilcocks pleaded guilty to one count under the OHS Act related to failure to ensure that every exposed metal part of portable electrical equipment was supplied through a Class A GFCI. Wilcocks was fined $8400. Two other charges against him were stayed. Three charges against Donna Wilcocks were also stayed.


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