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Schneider debuts QO, HomeLine CAFI; Open TeSys N contactors and starters

January 16, 2014
By Alyssa Dalton


January 16, 2014 – Schneider Electric has announced two additions to its line of circuit protection and contactor and starter products: The QO and HomeLine 2-pole combination arc fault interrupters (CAFI) for residential applications and the Open TeSys N contactors and starters for commercial applications.

According to Schneider, users can now easily meet National Electric Code (NEC) code requirements by utilizing the 2-pole CAFI circuit breakers which are designed specifically for use on shared-neutral (multi-wire) branch circuits where the neutral connection is shared between two separate circuits. Leveraging this wiring method allows users to save time and money, and provide an increased level of electrical safety and protection for residential applications, it adds. Meanwhile, Time Saver diagnostics help identify the type of fault that has occurred.

Combining the compactness of IEC motor control technologies with the robustness and familiar application sizing of NEMA products, the Open TeSys N offers a DC control voltage (24 Vdc). TeSys N Contacts are available in sizes 00 through 7, in both non-reversing and reversing options, while TeSys N Starters are available in sizes 00 through 7 for non-reversing and sizes 00 through 5 for reversing.


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