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Schneider Electric makes the home thermostat even wiser

July 13, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

July 13, 2016 – Developed in its Building Automation & HVAC Centre in Montreal, Schneider Electric just announced its Wiser Air Wi-Fi smart thermostat—featuring the new Eco IQ self-learning feature—is now available across Canada.

Eco IQ is an algorithm that only requires user feedback when they’re feeling uncomfortable. “Eco IQ challenges the very idea of set points, and doesn’t require Canadians to set temperatures and schedules. It not only focuses on energy savings, but also on creating a comfortable environment,” said Richard Henzie.

Wiser Air promises to be easy to install and intuitive to operate. It features a smartphone-style, high-res 3.5-in. colour touchscreen and a plug-and-play design. It synchronizes with its smartphone app while Wi-Fi capability supports automatic updates.

The thermostat incorporates Schneider Electric’s weather forecasts, which provide extreme weather alerts and allows homeowners to adapt to the latest weather before leaving the home. Comfort Boost, meantime, delivers 15-60 minutes of on-demand heating or cooling without affecting thermostat settings and schedules. Smart Sense sensors automatically interact with the user when near, and respond to real-time changes in temperature and light. Other features like Wiser Pulse, Ready Modes and Advanced Scheduling also help homeowners maximize energy savings.


Wiser Air is now available at www.amazon.ca for about $249 (MSRP).

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