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SCTE launches Smart Energy Management Initiative

February 16, 2010  By Anthony Capkun

16 February 2010

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) launched what it calls “an unprecedented new initiative” designed to help cable system operators to leverage the financial and environmental advantages of implementing green strategies.

The Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI) aims to drive the creation
of solutions for more efficient operations and economic benefit, as
well as positive community impact. SCTE has targeted several areas,
including energy management processes and products that can reduce
current operational costs; renewable energy technologies that can
benefit operators with ROIs of 3 to 7 years; and recycling and recovery
techniques that can minimize the disposal effects of outdated equipment.

“The continued growth and unpredictability of energy costs and the need
to safely retire CPE gear and other network devices are problems that
every cable operator is going to need to deal with over the next five to
10 years,” said Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE. “We believe
that a best practices approach to energy systems can provide greater
control over expenses; has the potential to reduce the energy costs of
individual systems by as much as 30%; and can help the industry to take
equipment offline in the safest manner possible.”


Solutions under study include things like:

• Increased use of workforce management tools to increase the efficiency
of truck rolls through the integration of GIS, GPS and OSS mobile
navigation systems.
• The role of alternative fuels for fleet powering and hybrid vehicles.
• Incorporation of solar, wind, fuel cells and other renewable sources
to power facilities such as headends, hubs, data and administrative
• Alternatives such as geothermal for cooling data centres and other
• Creating an industry-wide system to ensure potentially hazardous
elements from devices are re-used, and not allowed to pose harm to the
• New guidelines for equipment power consumption and heat dissipation

The organization has established an e-mail address specifically for SEMI
program enquiries and input: energy@scte.org

SCTE will host the first of several 2010 SEMI events April 7 at the
Comcast Centre in Philadelphia, Pa.


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