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SCTE standards program reaccredited

February 5, 2009  By Anthony Capkun

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) reports the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recently reaccredited the SCTE standards program. The program also moved up to 13th in the ranking of ANSI’s 219 accredited standards developers, up from 15th place in September 2007 and 79th place in 1998. ANSI first accredited SCTE’s program in 1995.

standards program also recently achieved the milestone of 200
ANSI-approved SCTE technical standards. The count has since risen to
203, with a dozen or so more technical standards due for ANSI approval
early this year.

standards program’s member organizations develop standards covering
everything from F-connectors to hot-topic, here-and-now issues, such as
protocols for high-speed data access over cable and digital program

if you’re interested in participating in SCTE’s standards program.
Program sponsorships are also available by contacting SCTE’s Debra
Swann at (610) 594-7313 or Heather Gosciniak at (610) 594-7306.

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