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Siemens’ VersiCharge SG brings Wi-Fi EV charging to residential sphere

May 30, 2016 | By Renée Francoeur

May 30, 2016 – Siemens Canada has introduced VersiCharge Smartgrid (SG), the company’s first Wi-Fi-enabled electric vehicle (EV) charging station. With this new technology an EV owner can automatically turn charging On or Off, schedule charging when rates are lowest, and view past power consumption data including usage and cost for the first time in a graphical form—all through a free mobile or web app.

The cloud-based charging station can also interact with utilities, receiving demand response and pricing signals, Siemens said, and can be installed indoors or outdoors via a plug-in option or hardwire installation. Siemens also offers an accessory pedestal that allows users to install units in locations where a wall mount is not possible.
The VersiCharge SG is part of the Siemens line of level 2 electric vehicle chargers.

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