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Softac Systems unveils Seismic Power Shutdown Device

July 13, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Softac has unveiled a patented earthquake-sensing device designed to sense the shockwaves of damaging tremors and automatically shut off power to both the electrical main breaker and the incoming gas valve. The Seismic Power Shutdown Device (SPSD) uses a 3-axis accelerometer sensor that is mounted to the building structure to send tremor-produced signals to a main processor unit in the SPSD controller. When damaging shockwaves are felt, the sensor immediately informs the processor to initiate a shut-down procedure to the main electrical breaker while also signaling the auto gas valve to close. Contacts are also available on a latched relay to trigger fire alarm signals or other external devices. The sensor has been specially designed to filter out day-to-day workplace and industrial vibrations from real earth tremors. The SPSD unit has been designed to universally fit into any North American motor control centre or switchboard, or as a commercial/ residential version matching a typical load centre breaker panel.



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