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Sonepar Canada announces Energy Saving Week for later this month

May 5, 2011 | By Alyssa Dalton

May 5, 2011

From May 16 to May 20, Sonepar Canada will be setting the stage in promoting the benefits tied to energy saving and sustainable activities through “Energy Saving Week,” which it describes as a global movement with local applications.

Sonepar Canada’s family companies (CenturyVallen, Gescan BC, Gescan Prairies, Lumen, Texcan and Sonepar Ontario – consisting of Osso Electric, Texcan Ontario, Gescan Ontario and SESCO) have embarked on the initiative to create a broader locally-based energy saving community and culture, they said.

“Energy Saving Week is an important event for Sonepar Canada and it is very closely tied to our BlueWay platform,” said Keith Moss, president and CEO of Sonepar Canada. “They are both about education, creating awareness and sharing knowledge regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental conservation. Energy Saving Week is about the energy consumption choices we make every single day.”


Vendors, customers, the public, media and employees are all invited to take part in the Sonepar Canada Energy Saving Week. The activities, it said, are designed to share information about saving energy, alternative energy applications, environmental stewardship, as well as the benefits and direct correlations in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Energy Saving Week is the perfect opportunity to learn about reducing your energy consumption and how to create more sustainable energy,” said David Rycroft, in charge of renewable energy and efficiency programs at Sonepar Canada.

“We have webinars on solar, lighting and LED technology, online videos, a carbon footprint calculator and other product and vendor events taking place at our branches across the country,” he added.

Activities will be taking place in different locations in every province across Canada.

Visit www.EnergySavingWeek.ca to participate in local activities, to see what other Canadians are doing to reduce their impact and how Sonepar Canada employees are contributing.

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