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Spark Power’s High Voltage division earns COR Certification

February 28, 2020  By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Logo: Spark Power Corp.Logo: Spark Power Corp.

Spark Power Group Inc. (Spark Power) has announced that its High Voltage Services division has achieved COR Certification in Ontario, effective Jan. 27, 2020, as administered by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA).

COR is a national industry-wide safety standard and is required for businesses that bid on public and private sector construction and electrical service products.

To achieve COR accreditation, Spark Power’s High Voltage Services division must develop, implement and be annually evaluated on its Health and Safety Management System through both internal audits, as well as audits performed by IHSA, which include interviews, documentation review and observation techniques to evaluate how well the High Voltage Services division can identify, assess and control potential risks and safety hazards to employees.

“The safety and wellbeing of our employees is truly our number one priority,” said Jason Sparaga, co-founder & co-CEO, Spark Power Corp. “Achieving COR accreditation is a testament to our commitment to protecting the health and safety of all our employees, of proactively eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses, and bringing superior safety practices to our customers. I am proud of the safety culture we’ve built to date and look forward to expanding our accreditation for the remaining lines of businesses and provinces in which we work, as we continue to expand our footprint across North America.”


Spark Power’s strategic Health and Safety commitments include achieving COR certification for the rest of its Ontario divisions by the end of 2020. Spark has also achieved COR certification in Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Alberta.

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