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Special promotional pricing on Ideal SignalTEK Gigabit ethernet certifiers

April 17, 2012  By Anthony Capkun

April 17, 2012 – Ideal Industries Networks (the networking technology division of Ideal Industries Inc.) says has reduced the cost-of-ownership for network cable testers by offering special promotional pricing on its SignalTEK Gigabit ethernet certifiers.

“For any contractor or IT manager who is on the fence about buying a Gigabit certifier, this is a huge motivation to buy now,” said Dan Payerle, business unit manager for Ideal Industries Networks. “We are giving customers every incentive to pick up a SignalTEK, from an amazing new price to including with the tester our industry-leading warranties, software, and customer service.”

SignalTEK is designed to verify that installed cabling can support bandwidth-heavy voice, video and data applications. This hand-held tester will stream live 10/100/1000 Mbps ethernet packets to simulate real-world traffic on the network, then measure errors on the link in accordance with IEEE 802.3ab. The tester also supports Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT) for VoIP, data and video over-IP applications.

Effective immediately—for as long as supplies last—the promotional prices are:


• SignalTEK Copper (#33-974C) list price has been reduced 52% from $1342 US to $650 US.
• SignalTEK Fiber Ready (#33-987C) list price has been reduced 65% from $2157 US to $750 US.
• SignalTEK Fiber with 850nm SFPs (#33-981C) list price has been reduced by 64% from $2482 US to $900 US.

To find out where you can take advantage of these special discounts, call (800) 435-0705 or visit www.idealindustries.com.

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