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Standard dimmable PAR38 cold-cathode fluorescent

April 13, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Standard Products, a supplier of lighting solutions to the commercial, industrial and residential markets, has added a dimmable PAR38 to its line of energy-efficient cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). The company says CCFLs are long-lasting, consume little energy and, of course, are dimmable. (The term ‘cold-cathode’ refers to the fact the cathode is not independently heated. The voltage potential within the tube is sufficient to ionize the gas in the tube and cause current flow.) The cold-cathode PAR-shaped lamp provides a clear advantage over traditional directional lighting, says Standard, due to its cooler operation. It is dimmable across a range of 100% to 20%, and is suitable for frequent start and rapid flashing applications. Available in 2700K and 4100K—with an average life rating of 25,000 hours—the 18W dimmable lamp replaces a higher wattage halogen or incandescent reflector lamp, while lasting anywhere from 10 to 25 times longer. (Appeared EBMag May 2010, Products)


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