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Sustainability, Digitalization & Diversity for 21st Century Success – EBPowerCon 2021

June 11, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

June 11, 2021 – The future belongs to progressive organizations who embrace the evolution of industry toward Sustainability, Digitalization, and Diversity. These three important tenets will shape and guide public policy, social policy, and organizational policy.

Adrian Thomas is country president, Canada, Schneider Electric, joins EBPowerCon to discuss these key principles. We will unpack what they mean in the Canadian context (with a global perspective), and shed light on the opportunities they bring for electrical and energy professionals in our built environment.

The EBPowerCon Cybershow & Expo was launched by the team at Electrical Business Magazine for Canada’s professional electrical community—contractors, engineers, maintenance, and related stakeholders—with the goal of shedding light on trends and technologies so as to empower them with knowledge and insight into markets and opportunities. Visit EBPowerCon.ca.


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