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Terex A330 and A650 auger drills include automated features

September 19, 2018 | By Ellen Cools

Courtesy Terex Utilities

September 19, 2018 — Terex Utilities’ A330 and A650 auger drills feature enhancements to the control system and remote diagnostics support for troubleshooting.

With radio remote controls, the new operating system allows the truck, unit controller and unit engine to talk to each other. Available with optional telematics that, when used in conjunction with a cellular or internet connection, can broadcast data from the drill and truck, the drills are available with a command post and joystick control.

Automated features include auto brake release, inner-Kelly retract stop, inner-Kelly slack stop, home position, return to centre and dig depth. The ‘return to centre,’ allows the operator to return the auger to the drill position used previously, keeping the hole at the proper diameter and vertical position throughout the dig.


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