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Terex Genie insulated Z-45 substation utility boom

February 8, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

February 8, 2021 – Terex Utilities offers the Genie Z-45 substation utility boom (SUB) mobile elevated work platform (MEWP). As the name suggests, it is designed for substation work, but also other applications where an insulated device is needed and a traditional bucket truck may be prohibitive due to size and maneuverability.

“The Z-45 SUB’s features isolate the boom tip from the chassis ground, which eliminates the need to perform boom tip grounding,” said Terex’s Joe Caywood.

Featuring a glass fiber jib section and platform with swing gate, the unit complies with ANSI A92.2 for Category E insulating rating of 20 kV, as measured between the boom tip and the chassis.

The SUB has zero tail-swing and 355-degree rotation in tight quarters, self-propelled control, and up-and-over capability of the boom to provide greater positioning flexibility. Operators can position the boom with fully proportional drive and boom functions. The Lift Guard Contact Alarm provides a secondary warning designed to reduce crushing hazards.


Based on the Genie Z-45 XC, the articulating boom has a maximum platform height of 45.5 feet, and horizontal reach of 24.75 feet. Continuously monitored load sensing enables dual work zones with capacity of 660 lb at maximum outreach, or 1000 lb in the maximum capacity zone. If the platform is overloaded, all lift and drive functions are interrupted, and the engine will shut down.

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