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Terralux’s LEDSense can see, smell and feel environment

May 27, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

May 27, 2015 – Terralux Inc. says its cloud-based lighting system, LEDSense, is the first technology that enables a light to essentially have the senses to see, smell and feel its environment while controlling energy use.

With LEDSense, a light can feel how warm or cold a room is, see if anyone is inside it, and sniff out odors and potentially toxic chemicals in the air, including smoke, carbon monoxide and harmful VOCs. By providing this information back to the building owner through the cloud, building performance, “safety and security can be optimized”, Terralux noted.

Utilities can issue ‘Demand Response’ alerts, and LEDSense will adjust light levels in a building to balance grid demand, the company added.

Additionally, building owners, security or maintenance staff can remotely monitor energy use, occupancy, air quality and other environmental factors in a building from a computer, tablet or smart phone by logging into their LEDSense portal.


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