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August 31, 2023 – So, where are the opportunities for Canada’s electrical professionals in the coming months and years?

That question forms the backdrop of “They’re serving pie: how big is YOUR slice?”—a presentation delivered by Electrical Business Magazine editor, Anthony Capkun, during the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta’s Training Day in May 2023.*

The session opens with a look at Budget 2023 and its priorities (net-zero), and highlights areas in which electrical pros can be either directly involved, or indirectly involved through their partners and clients.


This includes things like Clean Investment Tax Credits, Investing in Clean Electricity, and A Growing Clean Economy.

Net-zero is underpinned by Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reductions, both of which are supported by the electrification of just about everything via a “clean” grid.

On the emissions side, Anthony focuses the delegates’ attention on programs/funding involving the electrification of transportation, such as the Zero-Emission Transit Fund and the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program, providing examples of where those monies are going.

(Speaking of emissions, Anthony provides a quick summary of emissions Scopes 1, 2, and 3, and how they may impact electrical contractors’ businesses.)

When it comes to energy efficiency, the presentation zeroes in on programs/funding such as Green and Inclusive Community Buildings and the Green Municipal Fund.

A few novel technologies are also addressed, such as small modular reactors and direct current (DC) infrastructure for buildings.

There are also dedicated government programs (or dedicated streams) for Indigenous community projects, so Anthony spends some time discussing the importance of healthy Indigenous relations. A great place to start is with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and its Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program.

Finally, with all the work facing the electrical industry in the coming years, Anthony concludes his session with programs/funding available to contractors who take on new apprentices.

*N.B. Due to the wildfires and State of Emergency in Alberta at that time, Anthony delivered the presentation live via Zoom to assembled delegates. What you see here is an edited [shortened] version of that presentation.

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