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Toronto Hydro-Electric offers Data Centre Incentive Program

November 5, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

November 5, 2009

Through its Data Centre Incentive Program (DCIP), Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. is offering customers a financial incentive to green their data centres. Supported by Ontario Power Authority, DCIP will provide customers $300 per measurable peak kilowatt reduction. Energy savings resulting from improvements in new or existing data centres will qualify for the incentives and will be based on measurable electricity reductions.

“DCIP encourages data centres to improve their equipment layout designs
to increase efficiency; use energy-efficient products including new
server and software technology, and upgrade air cooling systems to more
efficient equipment,” said Stephen Walker, the utility’s director of IT

According to Toronto Hydro-Electric:
• DCIP is for commercial and institutional customers.
• The average data centre consumes 10 to 100 times more energy/sf than a typical office building.
• 90% of companies running large data centres need to build more power and cooling.


• DCIP will offer customers several potential benefits, such as:
– Ongoing savings of about $876/measurable peak kW reduction on electricity bills each year.
– Operating cost savings and cost avoidance with more efficient equipment and design
– Smaller equipment footprint, maximized electrical and IT capacity, improved reliability and manageability.
– One-time incentive payment in year one reduces total investment costs.
– Simple measurement and verification process provides vital project information at no cost.

In 2008, Toronto Hydro says it has removed about 28 MW from the grid
with its portfolio of conservation and demand management programs.
Since launching its programs in 2005, the utility claims to have
removed more than 387 MW from the grid.

CLICK HERE for Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd.’s DCIP.

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