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Truly EVERYTHING you wanted to know about electrical safety

September 30, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

mt_ignoreThe IEEE IAS (Industry Applications Society) has unveiled the agenda for its 2011 Electrical Safety Workshop, which takes place January 24-28 in Toronto, Ont., and—in our opinion—quite possibly represents everything you ever wanted to know about electrical safety.

Among the keynote presentations is Dr. Joel Fish, MD, chief medical officer of St. John’s Rehab Hospital. (You’ll remember him from EBMag’s special video documentary, “The Road to Recovery: Researching & Treating Invisible Electrical Injury at St. John’s Rehab”. CLICK HERE to see it!)

But that’s just scratching the surface!

Other papers/tutorials include:

• “Electrical Safety Management” tutorial with Mike Doherty, Lanny Floyd and Rene Graves.
• “Electrical Safety Basics” tutorial with D. Ray Crow, Danny Liggett and Ken White.
• “Use of Systems Safety Techniques to Perform Hazard Analysis on
Electrical Systems & Electrical Safety Programs” with John J. Kolak.
• “How to Create an Effective Electrical Maintenance Program” with Martin Robinson.
• “Electrical Hazards and Required Precaution” with Mohammed Rashid Al-Qahtani Saudi Aramco.
• “Ultrasound Applications for Electrical Inspection” with Sean Miller.
• ”PPE in Electric Arc: New Research and Key Insights of Arc Testing” with Hugh Hoagland.
• “Why Electricians and OSH Workers Take Risks by ‘Working Live’ and What can You do to Change this Behaviour” with Gavan Howe.
• “Serious Near-Miss in Locking-Out and Disconnecting a 4 kV Motor” with Shahid Jamil.
• “Electrical Safety – Is your Brain Engaged?” with Leon Greenwood.
• “The Label Says…” with Dennis J. Hill.


• “Service Contractor Realities – Minimizing Risk” with (EBMag editorial advisor) Ron Bergeron.
• “New OSHA Rules for GFCIs” with Stephen Antman, Danny Liggett and Roger Nolter.
• “Proposed Changes to NFPA 70E 2012” with Paul Dobrowsky.
• “Due Diligence Documentation for Electrical Supervisors” with Mike Doherty, Andy Kerr.
• “Overview of Changes to IEEE Guide for Maintenance, Operation and
Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems” with Dennis K.
• ”The Impact Of Fuse Link Manufacturers on Arc Flash Energy” with Fabio Leite, Jose Grimoni, Fabio Malheiro and Luiz Tomiyoshi.
• “Electric Shock Injuries from Static Electricity Discharges” with H. Landis Floyd.
• “Arc Protective Blankets” with Huel Gunter.
• “Continuing Education & Development for Electrical Safety Professionals” with John D. Aeiker.
• “An Arc Flash Hazard Assessment in the Mining Industry – A Case Study” with Matthew Hopper.
• “Arc Flash Mitigation in an Active Data Centre” with Steven Emert.
• “Applying Risk Management Principles to the Selection of Arc Flash PPE – II” with Daniel Roberts.
• “Simulation-Based Electrical Safety Training: An Innovation in Safety Culture” with Eben Myers.
• “Estimating Fire Losses Associated with Circuit Breaker Malfunction: Concept and Application” with Jesse Aronstein.
• “What are You Missing in Your Electrical Safety Program?” with Terry Becker and D. Ray Crow.
• “Arc Flash Reduction System Application Considerations” with Ed Larsen.
• “Reinvigorating Electrical Safety” with Brett C. Brenner.
• ”Stray Current Analysis” with Peter E. Sutherland.
• “The Misuse of Voltage as a Parameter of Concern for Electrical Hazard” with Donald W. Zipse.

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