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Universal LRAxC LED strip fixture retrofit kit with Bluetooth

April 7, 2021
By Anthony Capkun


April 7, 2021 – Universal Lighting (now known as as Universal Douglas Lighting Americas Inc.) launched the LRAxC LED strip fixture retrofit kit with Bluetooth controls.

The kit is used for replacing 4-ft or 8-ft fluorescent strip fixtures with LEDs, and the controller provides for dimming and On/Off commands. The controller is factory-mounted to the light bar while the aux power and dimming control leads are pre-wired to the driver. With a “simple commissioning app”, installers can zone and group fixtures within a room, plus add room controls, and photo and occupancy sensors.

Installers can pick from two installation approaches: the product can be mounted with existing lampholder brackets, or mount using bendable brackets that wrap around the fixture body and screw into place.


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