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Venture Lighting Institute encourages metal halide debate

May 19, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

VLI (Venture Lighting Institute) is gearing up for another great debate when, on June 30, 2010, students attending VLI get to debate lighting trends in lighting design competing against 
Venture’s niche technology: pulse-start metal halide.

Adding to the day’s activities of real-time lighting design and

solution analysis is LEED Life Cost Analysis, Life Cycle Costs and

sustainable market trends for LED, fluorescent and metal halide.
Venture is confident that technical advancements in metal halide will
offer great benefits, 
such as longer life, improved efficacy, excellent
lamp lumen depreciation
 and dimming.

All three systems (metal halide, LED and fluorescent) offer pros and
cons, says Venture; in the “Great Debate
” class at VLI, everything is
reviewed so that students can put it to the test in their own projects

CLICK HERE to find out more about VLI and The Great Debate or email
amanda_foust@thevli.com for Amanda Foust, VLI director.


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