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Verify your Osram xenon headlight lamps via Osram Trust Program

January 25, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

January 25, 2016 – Because its headlight lamps are “continually being copied illegally by product pirates,” Osram has developed its own trust program, which provides consumers with two simple security checks to verify the authenticity of their xenon lamps.

The Osram Trust Program involves a two-step security check whereby purchasers can verify whether the lamp they have bought is an Osram original that has been manufactured in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

Step #1 involves a new security label on the lamp packaging that provides an initial indication as to whether the lamp is bona fide. A code printed on the label uniquely assigns the packaging to a specific lamp. The hologram on the security label and the integrated security strip “make life difficult for would-be forgers” and provide consumers with further evidence of authenticity.

Step #2 is an online verification tool. Purchasers can visit the Osram Trust Program online and enter the 7-digit code shown on the security label in the Online Verification Tool. Alternatively, they can scan the QR code printed on the packaging. Clicking on the Verify button will display the lamp data associated with the code. When this data is identical to the data for the purchased lamp, Osram says the consumer can be 100% certain to have bought an original Osram lamp.


Should the system detect an anomaly or identify the lamp as a fake, the website will inform the purchaser immediately and provide information on what to do next.

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