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Wago 858 Series 4-Pole double-throw relay modules

January 23, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Wago’s 858 Series of DIN-rail mount four-pole, double-throw industrial relays are engineered for “robust applications requiring compact signal switching for power and control”. The 858 Series can be ordered as complete relay modules or a customizable socket/base with stand-alone relays as components. The relays are available in coil voltages of 24vDC, 120vDC and 230vAC, as well as gold contact-equipped variants. All carry integrated status LEDs and manual operation, consisting of an operation lever, additional mechanical relay status and Push-to-Test capability. Relay modules employ compact spring pressure connection technology for push-in wiring (solid or ferruled conductors) or screwdriver-actuated terminations (stranded conductors).


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