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WARNING: Counterfeit UL Mark on ASP photovoltaic panels – 14PN-02

February 28, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

February 28, 2014 – UL is notifying authorities having jurisdiction, distributors, installers and users that the photovoltaic panels identified below bear counterfeit UL Marks for the Canada and the United States. The panels have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate standards for safety.

The warning involves Advanced Solar Photonics (a.k.a. ASP, a trade name for the parent company, Bluechip Energy LLC) models:

• AP-240PK
• AP-245MK
• AP-250MK
• ASP-390M

N.B. This notice is the same as the notice issued in April 2013, except for the addition of Model AP-250MK.


The products bear a counterfeit UL Mark and one of the markings shown in the photo.

The panels are known to have been sold by SunWorks Solar, but may have been sold by other distributors.

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